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WATCH: Bills Mafia Member Brutally Misses Table Smash After Awful Jump off RV

by Jon D. B.
(Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images)

This has to be the last table smash this dude ever attempts, either because the Bills Mafia revokes his membership – or because his legs no longer work.

Ouch. Watch as this Bills Mafia non-don flies a whiffer straight past the ceremonial table and onto the concrete. Don’t worry, there’s no crunching or blood… But there is a whole lot of “…why”

For those playing the home game, Buffalo Bills fans have formed a group called the Bills Mafia. Moreover, these champs have taken to smashing folding tables from unwise heights to celebrate a Bills win.

The Bills team, however, officially “does not allow” the practice. Why, you might ask? Look no further than resident “that guy” of the Bills Mafia. Watch as he performs what Outsider can only identify as “airballing in a girl’s DMs” like:

Oof. Swing and a miss. With his eyeline a solid twelve feet in the air, and his a$$ at least too many feet off the ground a’top a local work vehicle, the Mafia’er failure to stick a landing had to be as painful for his skeletal system as it looks. Not to mention his newly-powdered tailbone.

What. A. Whiffer.

We have no idea if this Bills fan is okay or not, but he looks conscious afterwards and his legs aren’t noodling. So there is that.


So what exactly gives with the whole table-smashing act by Buffalo Bills fans? According to the NY Times, it’s… as unnecessary as “that guy” makes it look.

“For the past few years, growing numbers of Bills tailgaters have ended their pre- and postgame debauchery by jumping from a high place — the back of a pickup truck, say, or the top of a Porta Potty — and slamming into a folding table,” the NY Times details.

“The WWE-inspired idea is to destroy the table, entertain friends (many of whom record the mayhem on smartphones) and get fired up for the game.”

Can’t the Bills Mafia do this by, I don’t know, wearing a foam buffalo hat? Or drinking safely on the ground?

Other attempts by Bills fans, however, have been far more successful – and far less stupid. Watch this hilarious (and much safer) “recent video featuring a dollar store Hulk Hogan slamming someone through a folding table to the delight of Bills fans.”

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