WATCH: Bills WR Isaiah McKenzie Did Gender Reveal for His Sister After Scoring TD Against Rams

by Sean Griffin

The NFL season got underway last night as the defending champions Los Angeles Rams faced off against Josh Allen’s Buffalo Bills. The Bills dominated the game, ultimately winning 31-10. Isaiah McKenzie, a player slated for a huge breakout year with the team, caught a touchdown pass in the third quarter.

The reception put the Bills up by a score. They would add two more touchdowns in the rout of Los Angeles. McKenzie finished the game with two receptions for 19 yards and the score.

Once Isaiah McKenzie scored, he made sure to make this celebration one that his family won’t ever forget. In a viral video posted to TikTok and Twitter, we get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of McKenzie’s family and why they loved his celebration.

After scoring the touchdown, McKenzie walks through the end zone as his teammates congratulate him. As the cameraman approaches McKenzie, the receiver walks toward the camera.

He gets close up to the camera, and in front of millions of Americans watching at home, McKenzie says: “it’s a boy!”

Then, the TikTok cuts to a phone view of his family watching the game. It’s easy to see the family is already excited after McKenzie scored the touchdown. However, when he announces the gender of his sister’s baby, the crowd goes crazy.

Fans React to Isaiah McKenzie’s Gender Reveal Announcement

Plenty of fans flooded Twitter to share their thoughts on McKenzie’s gender reveal announcement during his touchdown celebration.

“How sweet is this,” one fan commented on the social media platform.

“This is the coolest thing I’ve seen in weeks!!! I love this team,” one Bills fan wrote. Other people were happy for the social media post to clear up confusion some earlier confusion they had from his announcement. “I was wondering why he was saying that. Congratulations,” one fan wrote.

Others pointed out the fact that during the fourth quarter, canisters containing pink smoke were tossed onto the field by some rowdy fans. One fan joked about the irony of McKenzie saying “it’s a boy,” while the canisters thrown by fans happened to contain pink smoke, the color normally corresponding with girls at gender reveals.

“Wow now that one way to do it LETS GOOO BILLS @_IsaiahMcKenzie,” one fan wrote, tagging the football player. Another fan said: “Now that is what I like to see.”

The Buffalo Bills, who entered last night’s game as Vegas’ favorite to win the Super Bowl, certainly proved any doubters wrong last night. The Bills will take on the Tennessee Titans in a Monday night home matchup on September 19th. The Titans have won in the teams’ last two regular season matchups.

The Los Angeles Rams will face the Atlanta Falcons Sunday, September 18th for their second game of the year.