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WATCH: Boston Celtics Bench Hilariously Freaks Out After Backup Center Tacko Fall Hits Bank Three

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images)

Standing at 7’5″ It is hard to miss Boston Celtics backup center Tacko Fall as he is one of the tallest player in the NBA.

One place you wouldn’t expect to find the giant basketball player is outside of the three point line. Fall does most of his work around the basket blocking shots and picking up rebounds. He isn’t necessarily much of a scorer, averaging only four points per game during the current NBA season. The Celtics mostly ask him to play stout defense and play the paint as a rim protector.

But Tacko got his moment to shine last night (Friday) as the Celtic were on their way to blowout defeat of the Orlando Magic. With only seconds remaining in the game Fall saw an opportunity and he went for it. The end result is one of the most memorable moments of the NBA season to this point.

Fall found himself all alone just outside of the three point line with no one guarding him. He hesitates at first but then a “why not” moment pops into his head. He winds up for the three-point attempt and banks it off the backboard and into the hoop.

Tacko Fall Brings Teammates to Their Feet With Bank Shot

The rarity of a three point shot from a seven footer is evident based the reaction of the Celtics bench. The players were completely beside themselves as they jumped for joy and embraced to celebrate what they had just witnessed.

Even the games’ announcers could not believe what they had just seen as they their best to hold it together. It was too much of a moment though as the two game analysts erupt into laughter. Fall also appears quite happy at his achievement as the camera catches a huge smile across his face.

It is the Celtics players reaction that makes the moment though. The team is genuinely happy for their large teammate and the bond between the players is evident as they celebrate the big man’s score.

After the game, head coach Brad Stevens says Fall is beloved by his teammates for his skill and attitude.

“Everybody loves what he brings to the table as far as a teammate, a worker, a guy,” the coach says. “He spends a lot of time on his skill. I think they were more excited about the ball handling at the top of the key and then the drive but that’s a good thing. Being back in the gym and being back together smiling is a good thing.”