WATCH: Boston College Students Storm the Field Before Game Ends in Close Win Over Louisville

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Maddie Malhotra/Getty Images)

On Saturday (October 1st), Boston College had quite a day when its students stormed the field just before the football game ended and celebrated the close win against the University of Louisville. 

Rivals’ Andy Backstrom took to Twitter with a video of the students making their way onto the field with just one second left in the game. The game ended with a score of 34-33. “This is wild,” Backstrom tweeted. “Apparently there is one second left on the clock. But the BC student section is already on the field. Everyone has to return to their seats. Why are they storming anyway?” 

Boston College is currently 2-3 in the 2022 season after beating Louisville, who is also 2-3 as well. BC Interruption also shared a snapshot of the students making their way onto the field. “Make what you will, but I’m here to report the facts: Boston College has (partially?) stormed the field after defeating Louisville.” 

Some critics had some thoughts about this moment on the Boston College field. “This is totally embarrassing,” one Twitter user declared. “Field storming should be reserved for very special upsets or maybe after winning on a Hail Mary like App State. Not beating 2-2 Louisville to get 2-3.”

Another Twitter user added, “This is the lowest point of the program.” However, some people are confused about the storming the field remark. “They let the student on the field after every game,” it was noted. “This has been a thing for years now.” 

Louisville Quarterback Malik Cunningham Suffers an Injury During the Second Half of the Boston College Game 

ESPN reports that during the second half of the Boston College game, Louisville quarterback Malik Cunningham left with an injury. He missed his team’s final two drives. 

Cunningham ended up with the Louisville medics after getting hit in the head. He came back for two full series before he walked off the field with a team trainer. Speaking about the quarterback’s condition, Louisville coach Scott Satterfield stated, “Malik just couldn’t go back in. He just got an undisclosed injury and couldn’t go back in. We’re gonna have to evaluate him when we go back to Louisville. We’ll see where he’s at, and what the status will be on Sunday or Monday.” 

Satterfield also reflected on the loss against Boston College and what the team needs to work on. “We gotta do a better job of getting free and getting open from those guys,” he explained. “Including the last drive when Malik wasn’t in there.” 

Louisville will be going up against Virginia’s Cavaliers on Saturday (October 8th). There is still no word about Cunningham’s condition following the end of the Boston College game.