WATCH: Bowling Green’s Cheer Squad Adds Insult to Injury, Flexes at Midfield After Upset Win Over Minnesota

by Matthew Memrick

When visiting Bowling Green State University upset Minnesota 14-10 on Saturday, the Falcons cheer squad flexed midfield and took an extra jab at their foes.

One male cheerleader laid down on the logo as the whole cheer squad seemingly posed for photos. Behind the cheer squad, the Minnesota band was mournfully playing in the endzone.

A few Ohio fans retweeted the video with the words, “you love to see it.” Likely, there were few Bowling Green fans in Minnesota. How many could make the 9-hour, 40-minute drive to Huntington Bank Stadium?

Usually, when the beaten team and its fans see this disrespect coming from a player, it creates more fodder for the next meeting.

The two teams square off again for a Sept. 6, 2025 game, so expect Golden Gopher players, fans, and band not to forget this moment.

Other Notable College Football Upsets

Usually, giant college football powerhouses schedule smaller schools early to warm their teams up for more significant battles. Recently, Jacksonville State pulled off a big upset of ACC power Florida State on the last play of the game.

Sports Illustrated put together some of the biggest college football upsets ever for a list, and one stood above the rest.

The Appalachian State-Michigan game on Sept. 1, 2007, was the classic David-vs.-Goliath battle. The Wolverines paid them $400,000 for the Ann Arbor date. 

The Mountaineers had won two straight FCS National Championships and were a dominant FCS program, but a game against a No. 5-ranked FBS program seemed like an easy Wolverines win.

However, Appalachian State kicker Julian Rauch put the Mountaineers on top with 26 seconds remaining. A blocked kick led to one of the biggest upsets in college football history.

Appalachian State fans still talk about this game years later.

Celebrating On The Logo A No-No

Individual players have celebrated on the opposing team’s logo with expected results. The logo is usually a ‘sacred space’ for home team players to celebrate wins and touchdowns.

But if you’re an opposing player, it’s just rubbing salt in a wound.

Take Terrell Owens. There’s a whole montage for his touchdown celebrations

In 2000, the former player scored a touchdown for the San Francisco 49ers and went from the endzone to the Dallas star logo. He stood there with his arms spread out, showing off to the opposing fans. In the following possession, Cowboys running back Emmitt Smith scored a touchdown and went back to the 50-yard line to “reclaim the star.”

But San Francisco kept scoring, and with the Niners leading 41-17, Owens scored again. Again, he ran to the Cowboys star and celebrated again. This time, former Cowboy player George Teague laid a hit on Owens in the celebration attempt.

Both teams proceeded to fight while game officials ejected Teague from the game. Owens’s coach suspended him for a week. 

Comically, the Cowboys signed Owens, and the wide receiver played in Dallas from 2006 to 2008 with 38 touchdowns during those seasons.