WATCH: Brad Paisley Sings About Being on the Monday Night Football ManningCast

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Terry Wyatt/Getty Images for ACM)

The last guest for tonight’s Halloween edition of the ManningCast was none other than country music singer Brad Paisley. Of course, Paisley and Peyton Manning have worked together on commercials in the past. Tonight, the Cleveland Browns had the singer on their side as he cheered his team on during another NFL prime-time blowout.

Brad Paisley might have grown up in West Virginia. He might have had a family full of Pittsburgh Steelers fans. And, he might have suffered the last 40 years or so like all the other Browns fans out there – but he’s a fan. That’s all that matters.

Brad Paisley Joins the ManningCast

Brad Paisley sang a familiar tune about his favorite Monday Night Football show, the ManningCast. He also showed up in a great Halloween costume with a Mandalorian helmet.

You know, coming into the game, I’m sure Brad Paisley thought it’d be a tough one for his Browns to win. However, by the time he was on TV and chatting with Peyton and Eli, his team was up multiple scores and was cruising to a win. It’s easy to talk football on national TV when your team is up by 20 points or more.

The Cleveland faithful had a great Monday night. Halloween was full of treats and not a lot of tricks for the team. However, their opponents could not say the same. It was another example of a bad prime-time matchup. The Browns came in at just 2-5 on the year and were looking like a team that hadn’t lost all season.

This wasn’t just a one-sided game. This was an even-handed demolition of the Bengals defense and offense by the Browns. It wasn’t just the passing game, it was how well they did everything. Nick Chubb cleared 100 yards on the ground, and Kareem Hunt added another 42. Jacoby Brissett threw for 278 yards and a touchdown and was able to run another score in on his own.

The Bengals just couldn’t get anything going consistently on offense. In terms of rushing, Cincinnati had less than 40 yards on the ground. Joe Burrow was 25/35 for 232 yards. But he threw an interception to go along with his two touchdowns.

All the while, Brad Paisley watched and joked around with the guys on the ManningCast. The Browns won big in another uneventful Monday Night Football game.