WATCH: Braves Fan Epically Bites the Dust at Finish Line Losing to ‘The Freeze’

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Logan Riely/Beam Imagination/Atlanta Braves/Getty Images)

It’s kind of like a car accident. Something we can’t bear to watch, but we can’t quite pull our eyes away from it. It kind of happened in slow motion for those watching. And most of us can’t turn away. On Monday evening, a fearless Atlanta Braves fan took on “The Freeze,” during the matchup against the New York Yankees.

The race he was running in is the famous mid-inning promotional event run by the Atllanta Braves during each home game at Truist Park. The famous head-to-head battle pits Braves fans against “The Freeze,” a bodysuit-clad runner whose speed is matched by only a few. The sprinting race takes the runners from foul post to foul post. Just under 525 feet.

The Freeze is hard to beat. Usually, he wins. But it’s possible to beat him from time to time.

Braves Fans Find The Freeze Hard To Beat; But It’s Not Impossible

To help make the sprint a little fairer, The Freeze gives the participating fan a huge headstart to help even the field. I mean, his running times are pretty spectacular.

On Monday evening, one Braves fan fell, literally, to the well-known runner in the most devastating of ways.

A recent Tweet from the official MLB Twitter page features the video of the shocking video, which ends in a shattering loss for the swift Braves fan.

The video shows the fan hold a pretty decent lead on The Freeze for the first few seconds. Of course, it isn’t long before we see The Freeze gaining on him. But, it seemed the fan still had enough momentum. And, for a moment, it seemed that he will cross the finish line before The Freeze catches up.

And then, disaster strikes. As the Braves fan is nearing the finish line, seemingly a mere inches away, he loses control of his feet. The runner tumbles to the ground.

The fan tries desperately to regain his footing as The Freeze overtakes him. However, The Freeze wins the race easily. Even before the disappointed fan even found enough footing to recover from the devastating collapse.

The MLB Twitter page summed up the wild twenty-six seconds perfectly in perfect “baseball speak.”

Talk about devastating. Losing to The Freeze is certainly not uncommon, but the gaffe during the Monday evening Braves-Yankees matchup was certainly heartbreaking. And very hard to watch.

Of course, The Freeze couldn’t let the win go without some kind of a comment. And, it was quite the “burn.”

“FREEZER BURN” noted the bodysuit-wearing runner.

There’s very little one can do to bounce back from something like this. And, to make matters worse for the Braves fans, the Yankees took the win Monday evening, beating the Braves 5-1.