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WATCH: Broncos QB Russell Wilson Takes Brutal Hit, Suffers Concussion Against Chiefs

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images)

While his Denver Broncos team made a valiant effort to come back against the Chiefs, Russell Wilson went down with a concussion in the second half. Wilson was having a solid game, much better than he has had in many outings this NFL season.

Despite the fact that Patrick Mahomes was doing magic on the football field, Russell Wilson kept his team in it. He threw for 247 yards and three touchdowns before going out. He took a hard hit while rushing toward the endzone, and it didn’t look good.

You can see his eyes are glazed over. It’s a good thing that he was ruled out after further evaluation.

The Broncos tweeted out that the quarterback was being evaluated on the sidelines. After a while, they followed up and said that he did indeed have a concussion and would be ruled out for the rest of the game.

The NFL has put an increased emphasis on handling these situations, so it is not surprising how quickly this was dealt with.

With Brett Rypien coming in as the backup, the Broncos were able to keep it close, but they weren’t able to win the game. If not for Wilson’s monster contract, one has to wonder if he would be the starter. Rypien wasn’t impressive either, but something has to give.

Should Denver Move on From Russell Wilson

If it wasn’t for the $296 million contract that Russell Wilson is owed, the Broncos might have already looked for another answer at QB. It just doesn’t make sense with the weapons they have on offense to see this team 3-10 on the year. Wilson’s play was improved, but he still made bad decisions. That includes an intercepted pass that shouldn’t have been thrown.

This season a lot of teams have had an uneasy quarterback situation. So, at least the Broncos aren’t alone in that regard. But other teams have moved on from their poor passers, with backups and rookies and other players. Denver doesn’t look like they want to do any of that.

Where does this team go from here? Can 2023 be successful with Russell Wilson as the passer? Denver fans don’t want to watch another season like this.