WATCH: Bubba Wallace Slides, Connects with Alex Bowman and Wall in Kansas

by Will Shepard

During the Sunday, May 2 NASCAR race at the Kansas Speedway, Bubba Wallace got scarily close to a bad accident. But, the NASCAR driver proved why he is among the sport’s elite and made an excellent recovery.

Bubba Wallace got loose and made contact with the wall in the final stage of the race. In doing so, he also caused Alex Bowman to collect some damage as well. The accident may have also cost Alex Bowman a better finish in the race. However, both were able to finish.

The sportscasters went crazy watching the incident unfold in real-time. The two announcers were certainly impressed with Bubba Wallace’s maneuver to save himself from worse damage. “He was sideways! It all started in the apex, right in the center of one and two. Man! He rode it right on the edge, and the wall saved him, to be honest with you. That was for sure a caution right there!”

This all took place late in the race after Bubba Wallace lost several spots after starting the race in P13. Nonetheless, the 23XI Racing driver finished the race in P26.

Bubba displayed his incredible skill set in the 23XI Racing car. Even though it almost spelled disaster, he looked excellent in the newly painted car.

Bubba Wallace Had a New Paint Job for the NASCAR Cup Series Race at Kansas

Shortly before the race, Bubba Wallace showed off a new paint scheme for his 23XI Racing car. He shared the No. 23 Toyota Camry look on his social media.

The NASCAR driver wrote, “Worth the wait! Welcome the @drpepper Zero Sugar scheme to the @23XIRacing fleet.”

Bubba Wallace’s 23XI Racing car featured a combination of red, black, and white colors. The car prominently displayed the Dr. Pepper logo on the hood as well as above the rear wheels.

Taking up much smaller decals on the car, McDonald’s, Root, Doordash, and Columbia were featured too. This is just the latest look for Bubba Wallace’s car this year.

With Bubba Wallace finishing in the 26 spot today, he only earned eleven points on the day. Going into the day, he had 196 points in the Cup Series. That put him behind the leader, Denny Hamlin, by 250 points.

Regardless of the finish, he handled the near devastating crash well. He also looked great in the Dr. Pepper paint scheme on the track today. That being said, though, there is a lot of room for improvement.