WATCH: Bubba Wallace Tries Out a Funny Car, Other High-Octane Activities in NHRA Crossover

by Will Shepard

Bubba Wallace took some time to himself this past week, it seems. But, he used his time wisely. The NASCAR driver took his mind off of racing by spending time around other cars.

The 23XI racing driver spent time with the NHRA this past week playing with their toys. For those of you who don’t already know, the NHRA is the National Hot Rod Association. So, they focus mainly on drag racing. That means, though, that there is a wide variety of drag racing that falls under their umbrella.

Of course, Bubba Wallace had to check this out for himself. He took along a couple of his good buddies and Toyota racing to experience what the NHRA has to offer.

Shawn Langdon, a Top Fuel driver, JR Todd, a funny car driver, and Daniel Hemric, a NASCAR driver, had an absolute blast with the 23XI racing driver. Today, May 18, Bubba Wallace put out a video on his social media that detailed their time over the last week. He also took a moment to thank Toyota Racing and NHRA for making the week happen.

During their time with NHRA, the four professional drivers each took turns practice driving funny cars. They also had a couple of simulations that they got to try out. Bubba and Daniel were giddy with excitement watching the funny cars get off their lines.

When it all came down to it, the four drivers faced off against each other for a drag race. They were all driving Toyota Supras. Bubba Wallace cleaned them all out and won by a massive distance.

Bubba Wallace Took a Moment to Wish Kyle Busch’s Son a Happy Birthday

In the past few years, Bubba Wallace and Kyle Busch have developed a healthy rivalry. In 2019, the current 23XI racing driver spun Busch out during the Glen race. Neither of the drivers was pleased about the incident. But, for the fans watching, it was an exciting moment during the race.

But, the two NASCAR drivers can leave their rivalry on the track. It seems that the two of them hold being happy outside the track over their on-track rivalry. That hasn’t stopped them from having epic battles over the years.

Today, May 18, though, is Kyle Busch’s son’s birthday. Brexton Busch is turning 6 years old now. So, Kyle took to Twitter to share a picture of the two of them fishing. Brexton is holding what looks like a pretty sizable bass in his hand and sporting a big smile.

So, Bubba Wallace decided to respond to the happy birthday tweet. He shared his own special birthday wish with Brexton on Twitter.

He said, “Happy bday! Ps, let me know if you guys need the hookup on some @Columbia1938 PFG. I know a guy.”

Bubba Wallace is apparently all tongue and cheek today with this birthday wish. One of the 23XI driver’s main sponsors is Columbia Sportswear. Nonetheless, the NASCAR driver would likely be more than happy to give Brexton some sweet fishing gear, as evidenced by his birthday wish.