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WATCH: Buccaneers Have To Pay Fan To Get Ball From Tom Brady’s 600th TD

by Quentin Blount
Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady came into Week 7’s matchup with the Chicago Bears just two touchdown passes away from the 600 mark. But after throwing number 600 to wide receiver Mike Evans, Evans proceeded to give the ball to a fan.

If you are a fan of the NFL, then you probably know by now that Tom Brady sits atop the all-time touchdown passes list. But being that 600 is such a milestone in itself, it’s definitely something to keep the ball for. As a result, a Buccaneers’ employee had to haggle with a fan to get it back.

The official Twitter account for NFL on CBS posted the moment where announcers Jim Nantz and Tony Romo made the call.

“One of the great negotiations in NFL history,” Nantz can be heard saying. But it was Romo who narrated the hilarious negotiation.

“Right here, he’s like, ‘We need that ball,'” Romo says. “That’s 600. What really? So what do you want? A million? No? A date with Giselle [Bundchen, Brady’s wife]? A date with Giselle and I’m in. Okay, Tom will do it. He’ll allow it. One time.”

Take a look at the hilarious video for yourself down below:

Buccaneers WR Mike Evans Has Hilarious Reaction After Giving Away Tom Brady’s 600th Ball

Sure, no quarterback in the history of the NFL has ever reached 600 touchdown passes before. Not until Tom Brady did on Sunday. But Mike Evans acted like the score was just business as usual and casually gave the ball away to a fan like it was nothing.

The nine-yard touchdown pass came on a Brady-Evans connection during the first quarter. It was Brady’s second touchdown pass of the day and number 600 for his career. He finished the day with 211 passing yards and four touchdowns. That mark now puts him at 602 touchdown passes all time.

Meanwhile, the SB Nation Twitter account caught the moment when Evans realized he had given away Brady’s impressive milestone ball. He’s sitting on the bench when he learns of the news. You can see the shocked look on his face.

“Mike Evans realizing he gave away Tom Brady’s 600th TD ball is the best part of this game,” SB Nation wrote next to the clip.

One NFL fan says the NFL needs to figure out a better way to get milestone balls back to the players.

“600 home run balls routinely get caught by fans. If baseball has figured out a system of getting them back to the player, I’m sure the NFL can find a way too. Not as if Brady can’t afford it or the Bucs don’t have tickets they can give away.”