WATCH: This Buffalo Bills Fan Experienced the Ultimate Roller Coaster of Emotions

by Suzanne Halliburton

One Buffalo Bills fan displayed the many stages of grief when dealing with an overtime loss in the playoffs.

In fact, call it a primer for the fans of all the losing playoff teams. While the Bills had the most tumultuous day, we’re betting the same was happening to folks who cheered for the Titans, Bucs and Packers. There was drinking and lots of mixing of hard liquors. Screaming and cursing, using the real bad words. Faceplant tantrums. Did we mention pouting. And silence. So pull up your comfy, game-watching easy chair, grab an adult beverage and watch the many emotions of this unidentified fan. A Josh Allen Buffalo Bills jersey is optional to commiserate.

The Barstool Sports social media account posted the clip on its Instagram page.

“Every Bills fan watching that game tonight.” (We’re hoping somebody made this guy take a couple of aspirin and chug a lot of water before bedtime to mediate the hangover).

If you were one of the folks who didn’t watch Kansas City beat the Buffalo Bills in OT, this is what happened in the Chiefs’ 42-36 victory. Well, check that, we’ll just go to the game’s zany, crazy final two minutes and the opening moments of overtime. The Bills and Chiefs combined for 25 points in the final two minutes of regulation. According to ESPN, that’s the second-most points scored in a final two minutes of game in the modern era of the NFL.

So all of Buffalo started an early celebration with 1 minute, 54 seconds to go in the fourth quarter. That’s when the Bills took their first lead since the first quarter. And it was one of those punishing drives, a 17-play march that chewed 7:01 off the clock. That basically was half the fourth quarter. Josh Allen threw a 27-yard TD pass to Gabriel Davis to convert a fourth-and-13.

It couldn’t get any better than this, right? The Buffalo Bills fan was chugging a drink and loving life.

Then, Patrick Mahomes completed a 64-yard TD pass to Tyreek Hill. The “Cheetah” was so fast that he glided through the Bills’ secondary and started celebrating the score before he got into the end zone. It couldn’t get any worse than this for the Buffalo Bills, right?

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

But Allen wasn’t finished. He and Davis connected again for a touchdown, with this drive taking six plays to go 75 yards for the score. The Buffalo Bills fan is partying. And why not? Here’s why not — you left too much time on the clock for Mahomes. And from this point, Allen never gets the ball again. The Chiefs tie the game on the final play of regulation and win the overtime coin flip. Then it was Mahomes to superstar tight end Travis Kelce for the winning TD.

So it’s Kansas City playing host to Cincinnati this Sunday for the chance to go to the Super Bowl. For the second straight season, the Buffalo Bills end their season far from home at Arrowhead Stadium.

“The rules are what they are,” Allen told reporters after the game. “I can’t complain about that because if it was the other way around, we’d be celebrating, too. It is what it is at this point. We just didn’t make enough plays tonight.”

And the Buffalo Bills fan, in what might be the final stage of grief, hurls curse words towards the TV set.