WATCH: Buffalo Bills’ Fan Takes Things To the Next Level Jumping Through Flaming Table

by Quentin Blount

Loyal NFL fans like to show their love for their favorite team in a lot of different ways. As for fans of the Buffalo Bills, they like to jump through tables.

Now, you have fan bases like the Green Bay Packers who wear foam blocks of cheese on their heads. You have Las Vegas Raiders fans who paint their faces in black and silver and torture opposing players from their seats in the “Black Hole.” You have Kansas City Chiefs fans who drive spruced up school buses painted in the team’s red and gold. And then you have Buffalo Bills fans. They are simply on an entirely different level. Quite literally in many cases.

Over the past few seasons, it has become a pre-game ritual of sorts for Bills tailgaters to climb up onto a high platform — the back of a pickup truck, or even a Porta Potty — and then jump down slamming into a folding table. We are talking scenes that look like they are straight out of the WWE. And as dangerous as it may be, Buffalo fans are evidently worried less about their personal health, and more about destroying tables, entertaining friends, and getting pumped up for the game. The wild fan base has since become known as “Bills Mafia,” and it’s easy to see why.

Just take the pre-game festivities on Sunday afternoon, prior to the Buffalo Bills game against the Miami Dolphins. We’re sure there were probably a few different table jumps throughout the day, but one, in particular, is going crazy on social media. Bills Mafia lit a table on fire, and then two fans proceeded to throw a man through the table.

The official Pardon My Take Instagram account posted the wild clip. Take a look down below:

NFL Fans React to Flaming Table Jump from Buffalo Bills Fan

As wild as the most recent flaming table jump was over in Bills Mafia — and it was no doubt wild — it prompted some pretty wild responses from NFL fans on social media. And should we really be surprised by that? One fan commented on the Pardon My Take video with a Jeopardy reference to the late Alex Trebek.

“I’ll take 3rd degree burns for $1,000, Alex,” the fan joked.

“Someone contact that table company,” another person said. “We have a new advertisement campaign.”

And finally, another fan is praying that the Buffalo Bills don’t end up winning the Super Bowl this year. If they are already celebrating by jumping through flaming tables during Week 2 of the season, there’s no telling what they would be capable of if the Bills make it to the big game.

“Guys, we cannot let the Bills win the Super Bowl.”