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WATCH: This Buffalo Bills Fan’s Pregame Routine Is Perfection

by Chris Haney
(Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images)

You might say Buffalo Bills fans are excited about their playoff game today. In true Bills Mafia fashion, one fan literally woke up in the snow and went about his morning routine. And of course, a good ‘ol table break was in store as well.

The Bills take on the Kansas City Chiefs later this evening with a trip to the AFC Championship game on the line. The Chiefs are no stranger to the AFC title game. They’ve made it at least that far the last three seasons and went on to earn their spot in the Super Bowl the last two seasons.

It’ll be a tough matchup for the Buffalo Bills as they travel to Kansas City to play in Arrowhead Stadium. However, their loyal fanbase is as hyped as ever and NFL fans know what that means. In recent years, Buffalo diehards have become well-known for their tailgating routines. To call their fans wild might be an understatement, especially since it’s become commonplace for fans to jump through tables during pregame festivities.

One Bills fan couldn’t wait until this evening though, so he began his routine as soon as he woke up… in the snow. A clip posted to Twitter shows nothing but a mound of white snow at first. Then a shirtless man with a beard sits up, grabs his Buffalo Bills jersey, and puts it on. He then gets up out of his bed of snow, puts on some tiny denim shorts, and immediately does a front flip through a folding table. The Bills Mafia salutes you, sir.

The fan isn’t done yet. Like at any respectable tailgate, grilled meats are a must. The Buffalo Bills superfan walks over to his grill and throws some meat on it. He then sits down in a chair in the snow still barefoot, leans back, crosses his leg, and smokes a cigar. It’s just another day in Buffalo, nothing to see here.

Buffalo Bills Fan Flies Through the Air During Routine Table Break

If you live in Buffalo, New York and own any folding tables, you might want to lock them up on the weekends during football season. It’s become tradition these days in the city to jump through folding tables on Sundays.

Last week was no different when the New England Patriots rolled into town for their Wild Card Round game. Although the Bills-Pats kickoff wasn’t until 8:15 pm that night, the Bills Mafia was out early. By 2 pm we had already gotten our first viral table break video on social media. And we’ve got to say, it’s always a sight to behold.

As the tailgating kicked into high gear early on, one fan took inspiration from wrestling legend Macho Man Randy Savage. While dressed in Buffalo Bills blue and red, and while rocking overalls, a fan set his beer down to focus on the task at hand. From the top of a trailer, he jumped in the air and delivered a flying elbow to the innocent table below. The fan bounced back up as if nothing had happened and everyone around him went nuts.

Risky move? Probably. Could he have hurt himself badly? Yes. Was it worth it, especially since the Bills stomped the Patriots 47-17? Absolutely.