WATCH: Buffalo Bills Hysterically Break it Down in Practice with MC Hammer’s ‘Can’t Touch This’

by Suzanne Halliburton

The Buffalo Bills turned a mundane playoff practice into a good time. MC Hammer will do that to a team.

What are we talking about? A horde of Buffalo Bills players stopped what they were doing Thursday to dance to “Can’t Touch This” by 1990s singing and dancing sensation MC Hammer.

It seems that winning your first divisional title since 1995 makes a player want to dance.

The Buffalo Bills and their fans are really loose, anyway.

Enjoy the clip of some dancing Buffalo Bills:

Matthew Bove, sports director for Buffalo TV station WKBW, captured the Bills fun-loving moments at practice. He wrote: “Think this team is staying loose? Here are the #Bills dancing to “Can’t Touch This” at practice.”

Here’s A Sampling of Some Buffalo Bills Fun

At Outsider, we’ve documented some of the Buffalo Bills banter and antics.

A week before Christmas, several Bills enjoyed a snowball fight as team owner Terry Pegula taped it. Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen traded tweets with Rainn Wilson, the former star of the sitcom “The Office.

And fans were both incredibly supportive and charitable with their team. When the Buffalo Bills clinched the divisional title on the road against Denver, fans gathered at the nearby airport in freezing temperatures to welcome home their midnight flight. And, fans remembered Allen’s grandmother after her death by donating thousands of dollars to a children’s hospital.

So, it’s no surprise that players feel happy enough to dance at practice. They’re preparing for the city’s first playoff game in 26 years. The Indianapolis Colts are the opponent.

The fans are prepping, too. On Wednesday, more than 5,000 fans gathered in the Buffalo Bills stadium parking lot to take a test for Covid-19. They paid a $63 surcharge per ticket for the test.

“It’s such a great sports town, and this being our third year (of the last four) in the playoffs but not having a home (playoff) game in 26 years, it’s really special for the community,” said team president Susan Pegula. “I’m amazed. Today we tested over 5,000 people and it went really smoothly and we got it done.”

But let’s bring it all back to MC Hammer, aka Stanley Kirk Burrell. Maybe the players parents danced to Hammer back in the day. Everybody did. “Please Hammer, Don’t Hurt ‘Em” spent 21 weeks as the top album in the country for 21 weeks back in 1990. The song “U Can’t Touch This” was a sampling of Super Freak, the 1980s-era classic by Rick James.

So, even if you’re not a Buffalo Bills fans, grab your parachute pants and dance along. If the Bills beat the Colts, maybe the players will be dancing to “2 Legit 2 Quit” next week.