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WATCH: Buffalo Bills Fan Tries To Jump Through Table and Completely Whiffs

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Joshua Bessex/Getty Images)

The Buffalo Bills football team has one of the largest and most loyal fan bases in the NFL and they are more than willing to prove it.

Buffalo Bills fans love to watch their team and bring home a win. They are so dedicated to their team that they are willing to do pretty much anything to cheer on their team. With that in mind, they’ve also made a habit of jumping on and breaking folding tables. No one knows how and where this tradition got started, but we are all thankful it did. As you might expect, sometimes table breaking goes wrong. This was the case yesterday as the Buffalo Bills faced one of their biggest rivals, the New England Patriots, on the latest edition of Monday Night Football. Of course, the incident was caught on tape — as most things are these days.


That might be the most poorly executed table jump we have ever seen. Standing on top of what looks like to be a school bus, this Buffalo Bills fan is going for the table-smashing gold. His buddies shout out encouragement and count down from three. The man leaps from atop the bus, hoping that the table will break his fall and he will be unharmed. In theory — well it’s a very bad idea but the execution here is horrible – – even for a man who most likely has had plenty to drink.

The Buffalo Bills fan completely overshoots the intended landing spot and crashes hard, butt-first. Just watching the clip is enough to make your hindquarters ache. The man does graze the edge of the table but it clearly does not break his fall and he hits the ground at full speed.

Buffalo Bills Fan Emerges From Jumping Incident Unharmed

In just watching this 40-second video, you would likely think that this Buffalo Bills fan broke his tailbone. Witnesses, however, say he emerged from the incident without injury. Once the shame and humility wore off, he was able to walk away from the scene with only his pride hurting.

Buffalo Bills fans call themselves the “Bills Mafia” and they are as dedicated as it gets among NFL fan bases. Anyone who is willing to risk bodily harm for the sake of their team is a superfan by my definition. Dedicated-yes, smart-no.

Making matters worse is that Buffalo Bills did not have their best outing, losing to the New England Patriots 14-10. The Bills have a record of 7-5 on the year and are a legit contender for an AFC playoff spot. They are in second place in the AFC East Division with only a few more games to go.

The 2021 NFL season is hitting the home stretch and the playoffs are looming large. So, break all the tables you want and hope for a winning season and playoff birth.