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WATCH: Buffalo Fans Will Justin Tucker to Doink Opening Field Goal with ‘Bills Mafia Magic’

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Billie Weiss/Getty Images)

Baltimore Ravens kicker Justin Tucker is pretty automatic on field goals. Welp, that didn’t quite work in Buffalo on Saturday night.

Tucker, who missed a field goal in last week’s Ravens’ 20-13 AFC Wild Card playoff win over the Tennessee Titans, lined up for a 41-yard attempt with 7:40 left in the first quarter.

Now if you happen to be a Buffalo Bills fan, then what are you hoping Tucker will do? Miss the field goal. But that could not happen two weeks in a row, could it?

Some Bills Mafia members had a “hold my beer” moment while watching the field goal attempt on TV. These fans were gathering around a TV set, doing their best to call on Tucker to doink his kick. They even were calling on Tucker to miss that kick to the left.

Obviously, this type of rooting against the opponent works about as often as Halley’s Comet streaks across the sky.

Miracles do happen, though. Take a look at these zany Bills fans doing their best to encourage Tucker to miss that kick.

Would you look at that! These Bills fans must have gotten into Tucker’s head in some wild way. Yet no one can doubt their sneaky, conniving ways at getting Baltimore to stay off the scoreboard worked this time.

Somehow, Justin Tucker Doinks Twice and Bills Mafia Was at the Ready

Alright, someone check up on Tucker. To doink a field goal in a playoff game is painful, but to do it twice? In one half?


As one might expect, the rowdy group of Bills Mafia members had renewed faith in the Mafia Magic. Sure enough, when Tucker steps up, the guys not only call the miss, but call the post.

This is starting to get paranormal. Is “Bills Mafia” some sort of codeword nickname for a secret cabal of football-loving wizards?

We’ve seen crazier things. We think.