WATCH: Cam Newton Parties in Auburn Student Section with Shirtless Basketball Coach Bruce Pearl

by Evan Reier

It’s a party at Jordan-Hare Stadium. When Georgia comes into town for the “Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry,” it always is. But when Cam Newton decides to hop in the student section, it’s confirmation that things are really popping off.

The No. 18 Tigers needed a special atmosphere for its clash with the Bulldogs, who come in as the No. 2 team in college football. Auburn quarterback Bo Nix can provide some magic, but against a team like Georgia, you need all the help you can get.

Enter another quarterback who was pure magic for Auburn: Cam Newton. The 2010 National Champion and Heisman winner is currently a free agent in the NFL after his release from the New England Patriots and decided to drop by his alma mater to contribute.

How does he so? By getting in the student section with head basketball coach Bruce Pearl. As CBS 42 reporter Taylor Kauffman put it, you can’t make it up.

The vibes are immaculate. Cam Newton is dressed exactly how’d you expect: some form of fedora with a feather sticking out, a suit and all of it in the Auburn color palette. Of course, the shakers are going hard and the students nearby are freaking out.

And in beautiful, stark contrast, you have Auburn’s head basketball coach Bruce Pearl. Shirtless. Thriving. Smiling. If you thought this southern painting couldn’t get any better, the 61-year-old bared his chest and looked to be cheering as hard as anybody in the section.

The flex is truly on point here. Shirt off, arms down, barreling the camera. Looking like Hulk Hogan if he was the kind of guy to shout “war eagle” and tan slightly less(Pearl’s tan still looks great, but you get it.)

Cam Newton Joined By the Electric Bruce Pearl After His Patriotic Speech

It’s been a busy week for Bruce Pearl. Besides partying in the student section with Cam Newton, he also held an old-school, outdoors basketball exhibition for his team and their fans. All the videos and photos from the night look like an absolute blast.

At one point, Pearl made a patriotic declaration:

“At Auburn, we stand at attention for the flag! We love our country! “

The Auburn crowd burst into cheers after each line of the speech, before a “USA” chant broke out. Pearl knows how to get a program and its fans going, best evidenced by his success at both Tennessee and Auburn.

With college basketball just around the corner, it’s clear Pearl is on a mission: get the Auburn community up and excited. Whether that’s delivering a patriotic speech or going shirtless in the student section.