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WATCH: Chargers and Cowboys Fans Trade Haymakers in Post-Game Brawl

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

In what is becoming an all too familiar sight, a brawl between Dallas Cowboys fans and Los Angles Chargers fans broke out after the game.

We have seen plenty of fights break out inside stadiums, but this particular fight, or fights, took place after the game in the parking lot. A couple of melees broke out between Cowboys and Chargers fans before the two faced each other on Sunday afternoon. The multiple scrums involved multiple people looking to throw haymakers and hurt people rooting for the opposing team.

Combining passionate NFL fan bases and alcohol is a recipe that typically results in this kind of behavior. It isn’t known how the various skirmishes began or how many there actually were but, as always, there were plenty of cameras around to catch all the action.

The first video, which was uploaded to Twitter shortly after taking place, shows Cowboys and Chargers fans getting down outside of SoFi Stadium. The fight eventually takes a wet turn as people end up in a fountain near the end of the video.

This wasn’t even the biggest fight of the Cowboys and Chargers after party. Another fight video shows a team of Cowboys fans teaming up on a single Chargers fan. As you can see it was a messy situation in both fights and from each angle. It isn’t known how the combatants are hurt, but judging from the amount of blood on the ground — someone got in some pretty good licks.

It also appears the initial melee was between two women before several men got involved. The two women begin the video by screaming curses at each other and almost coming to blows. A man initially trying to break up the fight becomes the victim as numerous Cowboys fans pummel the man.

Cowboys and Chargers Fans Duke it Out in Parking Lot

It is likely that emotions were running very high among the proud fans of these two teams. The Cowboys would defeat the Chargers with a late field goal to give them the 20-17 victory. In a matchup such as this one, emotions can sometimes get the better of passionate fans.

Still, fights like this seem to be becoming normalized at NFL football games and there is way too much of it. Almost every weekend, we hear of another fight among NFL fans. There were even several fights that broke out during preseason games. The Cowboys and Chargers melee is only the latest example of fan-on-fan violence.

The answer to preventing the brawls from happening isn’t a simple one. Additional security and measures would certainly help but wouldn’t remove the problem. There just is not an obvious solution.

With another round of NFL games set for this weekend, we’ll see if any measures are taken.