WATCH: Chicago Bears Player’s F-Bomb Picked up By Hot Mic on Nickelodeon NFL Playoff Broadcast

by Quentin Blount

The NFL seems to always have some issues with hot mics picking up curse words, and that was the case yet again on Sunday evening during the NFC Wild Card game between the Chicago Bears and New Orleans Saints.

In fact, the issue has been even more prevalent during the 2020 season thanks to a few or oftentimes no fans in the stands. Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen the airing of more swear words on live television than in recent memory.

And now, in a game also being broadcast on Nickelodeon for the first time tailored toward a younger audience, they, too, had to deal with the hot mic.

The Chicago Bears punted the ball away to the New Orleans Saints at the start of the second half. Shortly after, Bears wide receiver/running back/return man Cordarelle Patterson ran out of bounds without being forced out.

That results in a penalty, which he appeared to have been confused about. On the broadcast, we heard a very audible, “What the f^%*?!” come from what seemed to have been Patterson, however, it’s not entirely clear.

We may have very well just heard the first f-bomb in the history of Nickelodeon. Complex tweeted the video clip with the caption, “Oh no… The F-bomb on Nickelodeon… 😁”

Nickelodeon Announces Who is Calling Chicago Bears and New Orleans Saints Game

Although the big game will still be televised on CBS, and Amazon Prime is also streaming it, Nickelodeon will have its own crew calling the game.

Noah Eagle, the voice of the Los Angeles Clippers, is providing play-by-play from the Nickelodeon booth. CBS’ Nate Burleson and Nickelodeon’s Gabrielle Nevaeh are giving analysis of the game. Nickelodeon star Lex Lumpkin is serving as the game’s sideline reporter.

Meanwhile, Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller will host a pregame show called the “SpongeBob SquarePants Countdown Special.”

The Nickelodeon experiment has certainly not been a typical NFL broadcast. There has been Nickelodeon-themed, comic-book style graphics. CBS Sports tweeted that SpongeBob will make an appearance. So will Googly Eyes. It says Nickelodeon will show a game “like you’ve NEVER seen it before on Wild Card Weekend.”

Furthermore, Saints head coach Sean Payton told reporters Friday that he has volunteered to be slimed if his team wins.