WATCH: Chicago White Sox, Detroit Tigers Clear Benches After Controversial Call, Argument

by Courtney Blackann

It happens all the time. Some player decides to slide hard and fast into a base. They knowingly knock into the other player guarding the bag. This isn’t a new situation in baseball. However, it is a dirty one. The Chicago White Sox and Detroit Tigers got into an all-out bench-clearing brawl in the ninth inning of their make-up game Monday.

In a very interesting and close game, the Sox were leading by one run. After coming up to bat, Jose Abreu was knicked in the arm by the ball. It didn’t appear intentional. However, Abreu was still annoyed. Every player takes an occasional hit, but Abreu’s been quite unlucky this season.

The player then took a lead toward second and slid hard into the bag, knocking second basemen Niko Goodrum along the way. The two had words. It didn’t take much, and soon the benches were cleared.

Admittedly, this is an exciting part of baseball. Dare we even say a fun part? Of course, no one wants to see players get injured – especially right before the postseason starts. But moments like these get fans on their feet.

Despite the incident, the White Sox held on to win 8-7 over the Tigers. However, this isn’t the last time the two teams will see each other this season.

With just a week left of baseball, the Tigers and White Sox will play each other all three days this weekend.

White Sox Clinch AL Central

Further, the White Sox look good as they head into the postseason. They have a massive lead over the Cleveland Indians with 11.5 games. At a current 89-68, they’re neck and neck with the American League West’s Houston Astros who hold a 91-65 lead over the Mariners.

Maybe that summer “Field of Dreams” game lent the Sox the magic they need to go all the way. The summer game, which was held in a cornfield in Iowa, was quite a hit. Attended by Kevin Costner himself, the star team was able to pull out ahead of the Yankees – with several home runs to boot.

And while baseball isn’t over, the Sox easily clinched the AL Central. At this point, the Yankees and Mariners will duke it out in the American League Wild Card game.

However, the Tampa Bay Rays look like the favorite to win the American League Championship at this point. The team has looked good all season long – and they still have a shot to boast 100+ wins. They currently sit at 97-59 and have an 8 game lead over the Yankees.

Still, nothing is guaranteed in baseball.