WATCH: Chipper Jones Blames Andruw Jones for Drop at Braves Game

by Suzanne Halliburton

Chipper Jones still is feeling the sting to his thumb and his pride for his botched, bare-handed try on a foul ball earlier this week.

In his mind, it’s all Andruw Jones’ fault for putting him in that situation. Of course, Chipper Jones, the former Atlanta Braves great, was mostly joking about his old teammate during an interview Saturday with Marty & McGee, a morning tailgate show on the SEC Network.

First, let’s set it all up, just in case you weren’t aware of the Chipper Jones fielding faux pas on national TV. It happened early in Monday’s National League divisional playoff game between the Braves and the Milwaukee Brewers at Atlanta’s Truist Park. Milwaukee’s Luis Urias got a piece of an 0-1 pitch and fouled it to the stands. The pop up was headed towards the high-dollar seats on the first-base side of the infield. And there was Chipper Jones trying to make a barehanded catch. Surely the former Braves superstar still could make that catch, even without a glove.

But Chipper Jones botched the catch. Score it an E5.

So Take Us Through the Play, Chipper Jones

So please take us through that play, Chipper Jones. What were you thinking as you saw the ball falling in your direction?

“I’m sitting in my seats. I’ve got the 10-time Golden Glover Andruw Jones sitting right next to me,” Chipper Jones told Marty & McGee. “If you look to my left and to my right there, I’ve got three and four-year-olds sitting right next to me. There is no way I’m trying to make that play if I don’t think they’re in danger of getting hit.

“And that ball went up and it probably was 10 or 15 feet from me and sure enough, here it comes, spinning back to me,” Jones said. “You can see my little ones with me with my wife. And that thing hit me right in the right thumb and I’ve been on the DL ever since. Went to the training room at midnight (asking if) my thumb is broken, but it wasn’t obviously.”

Put his pride on the disabled list, too. But then again, why didn’t Andruw Jones try to make a play on the ball. After all, Andruw was a terrific outfielder, although Chipper saw his fair share of infield popups. Andruw was sitting a row in front of the Jones’ family.

Chipper Jones said he almost immediately received a Facetime call from former Brave Jeff Francouer, who asked “how can you drop that on national TV? I’m the hitter of the group. (Andruw Jones is) the guy who won 10 Gold Gloves why is he not calling me off?”

Current Atlanta players Freddie Freeman and Travis d’Arnaud got a big laugh out of the botched catch. And his buddy Andruw Jones gave Chipper some grief.

Five days later and he’s still getting gigged.