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WATCH: Cleveland Browns QB Baker Mayfield Does Successful ‘Bottle Flip,’ Fans Hilariously Respond

by Will Shepard
(Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

During Sunday’s game (Nov. 22), Baker Mayfield took a moment away from game preparation to have a light-hearted joke. The Cleveland Browns quarterback, while warming up, practiced his bottle flipping.

Baker Mayfield is a star for a reason. This is probably reason number 1 that he’s a starting quarterback in the NFL. Bottle flipping, as most people know, is an insanely hard skill to master.

While the Browns take warmups before playing the Philadelphia Eagles, Baker nonchalantly flips bottles. Now, it might not take much to prepare for the Eagles as Carson Wentz is certainly going to throw the ball to the Browns at some point. However, it is still an interesting sight to see on the field before a game.

Even the announcers were shocked to see Mayfield bottle flipping during warmups.

“Baker! What’s up, man? You’ve got a game to play, and you’re doing the bottle flip?”

This is just pure skill at work. Somehow Mayfield’s bottle flip has to be correlated to Dak Prescott’s hip thrusts before games. However, there is a slight difference between the two quarterback’s preparations.

Twitter got to work dissecting the relationship between bottle flip and Baker’s play this year.

Is Mayfield a Primetime Quarterback?

While Mayfield has lots of commercials, fans seem to care more about his play for the Browns. It seems that every week, somebody has something to say about his performance.

This year Mayfield has 1,646 yards, 15 touchdowns, seven interceptions, and a quarterback rating of 71.3. While these stats are middle of the road for quarterbacks in the NFL this year, they are not all that bad.

Now, regardless of mediocrity from Mayfield this year, the Browns are 7-3. This record is good for second in the AFC North and tied for third in the AFC.

In Sunday’s game against the Eagles, Mayfield played fine. He didn’t play excellently, nor did he play badly. Mayfield posted 204 passing yards with no touchdown passes or interceptions. The Cleveland Browns defense helped ensure Sunday’s win.