WATCH: CM Punk Makes His Electrifying Return to Pro Wrestling on AEW Rampage

by Joe Rutland

Pro wrestling had one of “those” nights on Friday night as CM Punk returned to the business in Chicago on AEW Rampage.

We’re going to let you just watch and listen to 20,000-plus fans at the United Center go crazy. It’s the first time CM Punk has been in professional wrestling for seven years. He left the WWE after a contentious time with the company and even went into the MMA world for a bit in UFC.

But heaven knows, these Chicago fans didn’t care. They saw what they hoped would happen and even pro wrestling fans of other businesses had to take note, too. Take a look at this clip from the first minutes of AEW Rampage as the “Best in the World” receives a pop for the ages.

Meanwhile, earlier on Friday, All Elite Wrestling President/GM/CEO Tony Khan made his weekly appearance on SiriusXM’s “Busted Open Radio” and talked about the “possibility” of this kind of return.

“Yeah, it’s great, it’s great to have those possibilities,” Khan said to host David LaGreca on Friday morning. “And not to have everything spoiled for you, but on the other hand, I think everybody has a good idea what to expect tonight.

“And I don’t like to let people down,” Khan said. “I have no plans to disappoint anybody tonight. I think people are going to be very happy with what they see.” He added that “we’re going to satisfy a lot of people and make them happy.”

CM Punk Brought The House Down In His Hometown On Friday Night

CM Punk let people know for years that he wasn’t interested in getting back into the business. After that welcome, though, he knows that fans wanted him back on Friday night.

Khan has been adding a lot of veteran pro wrestlers along with featuring young, up-and-coming ones, too.

As a result, Khan set everything up for a positive outcome on Friday night. A jam-packed United Center fan base was dying to explode with cheers and tears. No one there was disappointed. Their roars could be heard all over TV sets in houses and bars, too. It’s one of those scenes that people will be talking about for a long time to come.

Obviously, fans can be seen cheering, crying, and even reaching out to CM Punk on his way to the ring. At one point, he even dove into the crowd and did some crowd-surfing.

CM Punk spent the show’s first two segments in the crowd and in the ring. He talked to those gathered and watching at home about leaving and coming back to pro wrestling.

He made a name for himself in WWE by challenging the top stars in that business.

The opening segments did not offer clues as to whom his first opponent would be in AEW. It wasn’t the night Chicago died, either. In conclusion, The Windy City is alive and well with the power of CM Punk, its hometown hero, back in the ring.