WATCH: College Football Fans Gang Up on Another in Wild Stadium Brawl

by John Jamison

Nothing beats the passion of college football fans. Well, that’s not entirely true. Sometimes, the passion of college football fans leads to them literally beating each other. This was the case at the Eastern Carolina/Appalachian State game in Charlotte on Thursday night.

The Duke’s Mayo Classic saw a one-sided brawl break out at what was an otherwise wholesome event. And by wholesome, we mean some of the cooler-headed fans engaged in a mayo-eating contest during the first half of the game. The stadium, and soon social media, looked on as two college kids scooped mouthfuls of Duke’s into their mouths in an attempt to bring glory to their respective schools.

Meanwhile, one Appalachian State fan found himself in a considerably less tasty situation. Albeit one futile as trying to make a dent in a gallon jug of mayonnaise. There’s no telling what caused the issues in the first place. But the video posted to Twitter begins with the App State man in a headlock with no less than four ECU supporters hanging onto him. Naturally, the wise decision here was to take a swing at one of them as soon as he was released, right? Nevertheless, that’s exactly what he did. Watch for yourself below.

Hindsight is 20/20. And it’s safe to say the App State fan gave some serious thought to his decision, considering what happened next.

After watching his friend get punched in the face, one of the ECU fans took what most would call a cheap shot at the lone fighter. Not only that but he made clean contact. The shot dropped the App State man into a hail of Pirate fists. With no other options, he did his best to cover up. The gang of ECU fans was eventually pulled away from him.

On Another Note, the Brawl Means College Football is Back

Put enough people together in a stadium, add competition and school loyalty into the mix, and there are inevitably going to be a few fights. Add to that the fact that people have been cooped up as a result of the pandemic, and brawls are on the agenda. But that shouldn’t overshadow the bigger picture here. College football fights mean college football is back. And Saturday is the first day with non-stop action.

As the Duke’s Mayo Classic and this brawl suggest, several games have already been played. In fact, Virginia Tech already claimed a victory after taking down No. 10 ranked North Carolina. And Duke lost in an upset Charlotte.

But Saturday has handfuls of awesome matchups in store. Namely, the Clemson Tigers face off against the Georgia Bulldogs in primetime. The two top-5 teams promise to set the tone for college football Saturdays to come.