WATCH: Commanders HC Ron Rivera Unloads Expletive-Filled Rant on Reporter After TNF

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images)

While Ron Rivera and his Washington Commanders got a win on NFL Thursday Night Football, he was not happy in the postgame press conference. Rivera unloaded on a reporter for a question they asked. This is after the head coach was in the headlines for supposedly throwing his quarterback under the bus.

Although Carson Wentz and Ron Rivera appear to be on good terms, Rivera does not care for the media right now. Unfortunately, it isn’t just things that the coach can control like his comments to the press, his team as an organization is in the headlines week in and week out for drama.

Ron Rivera’s Rant

The reporter mentioned a report about Dan Snyder, the team owner “picking” Carson Wentz, instead of the head coach himself. Listen to the expletive-laden rant in the video below. He stormed off afterward.

Now, the Commanders are just 2-4 still after their win over the Chicago Bears in primetime. The two teams were called “JV Teams” in the Amazon pregame show. There has been all this rumor and speculation around Wentz and Ron Rivera. They didn’t even score a touchdown, but they won. Rivera clearly wanted to celebrate his team instead of putting more into the media rumors.

Fans Hated Thursday Night Football … Again

During the game, things were not so exciting. This was another week with another flop of a game on Amazon’s Thursday Night Football. Ron Rivera tried his best. However, his offense just didn’t have it in them to score a whole lot. Except for running back Brian Robinson Jr., in his first start since being shot earlier this season, punched one into the endzone.

Ultimately, this game came down to Joey Slye getting two field goals for Washington and the fact that the Bears were unable to get the ball into the endzone despite being within the 10-yard line three times. They did have the play of the game though on a massive pass play.

While Thursday night was a bore again, don’t worry y’all. We’ve got another Denver game on Monday Night Football to look forward to after the weekend!