WATCH: Commanders Lineman Suplexes Texans Running Back WWE-Style in Shocking Play

by Suzanne Halliburton
Bob Levey/Getty Images

The Commanders are having their way with the Houston Texans Sunday afternoon. And the best example of this came on one play.

Watch as Washington defensive tackle John Ridgeway body-slammed Houston running back Dameon Pierce. The Texans tailback has a reputation for being hard to bring down. Ridgeway went out of his way to make sure Pierce couldn’t escape. But going WWE probably isn’t the textbook way to do so. The NFL moment quickly went viral.

Pierce had just caught a screen pass from Texans quarterback Davis Mills when he met Ridgeway head on. It already was a poorly executed screen pass. Ridgeway quickly shed his block in time for the body slam, which officials flagged for unnecessary roughness.

It almost looked like a rodeo cowboy wrangling a steer. But wrestling fans across social media recognized the move in the Texans-Commanders game as a suplex. That’s when a wrestler uses his body weight to drive his opponent to the mat, usually flat on his back.

The reaction across social media was swift.

One NFL fan wrote: “John Ridgeway just Batista Bombed Dameon Pierce.” Another tweeted “OMG!!! Ridgeway with the Suplex…like legit Wrestling suplex move here. No place in the game for this!”

Others celebrated the tackle as a “grown man move.”

Then there was this comment, harkening back to a famous wrestler turned analyst: “John Ridgeway just suplexed a dude. Jim Ross voice: “Bye God. He’s got a family dammit!”

It already was an ugly day at NRG Stadium in Houston. The home fans started booing the Texans as the offense continued to struggle. Houston has won only once this season. The Texans also have a tie, but that does nothing to offset the soon-to-be eighth defeat of the year.

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