WATCH: Cowboys Legend Michael Irvin Loses His Mind Over Week 4 Tom Brady-Bill Belichick Matchup

by Josh Lanier
(Photo by Jesse Grant/WireImage)

Michael Irvin is excited. Beyond kid on Christmas or new Marvel movie thrilled over the announced showdown between Tom Brady and Bill Belichick later this year. The Cowboys’ legend couldn’t contain himself over the match-up, and he wants you to know that this is a big deal. No. He NEEDS you to know that.

The NFL released its schedule for the 2021 season last night. And it features one of the juiciest games in a very long time. That’s because you have Brady, possibly the greatest quarterback of all time, facing off against his old coach Belichick, possibly the greatest coach of all time. For any NFL fan, it’s a crazy proposition to think of Brady at Foxboro Stadium in anything but blue. But for Michael Irvin, it might as well be the O.K. Corral.

“It’s also how you win. Tom Brady… is he going to light up the Pats defense?… That defense is run by Bill Belichick, that’s a direct hit on Belichick. If Belichick shut down Tom Brady, that’s a direct hit on Tom Brady,” Irvin screamed at his NFL Network co-hosts. “It should be probably the most-watched game we’ve ever had in the history of this game … that is going to be incredible!”

Part of what makes this game so interesting is both Brady and Belichick are enigmatic. They won six Super Bowls together, but it wasn’t clear if they actually liked each other. Despite reports of a potential rift behind the scenes, their on-the-field relationship was completely professional. It was boring, but Irvin thinks this game could finally upend that.

“You get to face each other. All of that anger that we didn’t hear about. That y’all said that didn’t exist, that obviously existed because you’re no longer together, we get to see it, it’s going to be incredible,” Irvin screamed.

Michael Irvin Compares Match-up With Other Beefs

Sports is as much about personalities as it is about scoreboards. And there have been plenty of personalities on great teams that clashed. But fans rarely get to see them face-off, and that’s what makes this game so unique to Irvin.

[Michael] Jordan had issues with the GM. He never really faced the GM on the court,” he said. “LeBron [James] had issues with Dan Gilbert, but he never faced him on the court. Tom Brady had problems with Bill Belichick. We are going to see each other on the field. We’ve never seen anything like this before.”

But before we all go running off with Michael Irvin, let’s survey the battlefield.

Tom Brady is coming off his seventh Super Bowl win, and Bill Belichick and the Patriots were pretty terrible last season. They’ve spent a fortune this offseason to rebuild, but we don’t know how they will play against Tampa Bay.

Regardless, Michael Irvin is firing up the popcorn machine now. Expect more fireworks from him and almost every other NFL commentator from now until Oct. 3.