WATCH: Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Plays Beer Pong, ‘Makes it Rain’ in NFL Schedule Release Music Video with Post Malone

by Thad Mitchell

Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys, is getting into the football spirit as he now knows who his team will play this season.

The NFL released its full 2021 season schedule earlier this week and Jerry Jones celebrates like only Jerry Jones can. The cerebral Dallas Cowboys owner made a hilarious short film to reveal the schedule to fans.

The funny video features Jones and musician Post Malone living it up after just receiving the brand new schedule. The unlikely duo forms a quick bond as they play a game of beer pong and show off their expensive jewelry. The entire elaborate video is a laugh riot from beginning to end with Jerry Jones and Malone cheesing it up for the camera.

The video was posted to the Dallas Cowboys social media site and it is clear the fans got a kick out of it.

“2021 Dallas Cowboys schedule release,” the Instagram post states. “Schedule release got them saying WOW! Thanks, Post Malone.”

Jerry Jones and Post Malone Make a Great Team

The video opens up on Post Malone, who plays the titular character, “The Postman” in the film. Walking up to Dallas Cowboys headquarters, he finds the doors locked and he is unable to get in. He yells out to Jerry Jones to let him in and Jones complies, allowing Malone to enter into the building. Malone then goes to Jerry’s office where he has a special surprise for the Cowboys head man — the 2021 NFL schedule. Excited at seeing the schedule for the first time, Jones tells Malone that they should celebrate. Pure wackiness ensues at this point but it makes for an awesome schedule release video.

Jerry Jones and Post Malone get their celebration on with a game of beer pong and a lot of bling. They then head to the second floor where they begin “making it rain,” but it isn’t money. Instead, it is small index cards with the schedule printed on them. Standing on the first floor are the team’s two biggest stars, quarterback Dak Prescott and running back Ezekiel Elliott, who are there to catch the schedules.

Jerry Jones hopes the 2021 season goes better than the 2020 season. The team failed to make the playoffs last season and suffered a slew of injuries during the year. They have a tough task ahead and will open the 2021 season against the defending Super Champions, The Tampa Bay Buccaneers.