WATCH: Cowboys Fans Throw Trash at, Boo Dak Prescott After Injury

by Jonathan Howard

The faithful Dallas Cowboys fans waited all offseason for last night’s season opener… but they weren’t so faithful to Dak Prescott after his injury. The NFL star was injured during the game. There are always emotions running high this time of year from teams and fans. However, you never need to throw something at a player from the stands. It just shouldn’t happen.

Cowboys fans went ahead and did it though, letting their quarterback have it with trash and boos from the stands. Of course, none of that helped the actual product on the field as Cooper Rush tried to lead the offense.

Check out the video below that shows Dak Prescott jogging off the field as fans wave, boo, and throw things at the QB.

When fans start to let their emotions get the best of them and trash starts to be thrown, that’s over the line. Fans that do things like this should be taken out of the stadium and bans should probably be considered. The game had five minutes left to go, and it was clear that the Cowboys weren’t going to win this game.

Having Prescott come off the field and preserving his health was the right move. This fan sure didn’t think so when they chucked their drink his way, though.

After Dak Prescott left the game, his team would go on to lose to Tampa Bay 19-3. No touchdowns on the day for either Prescott or Rush. Well, any Cowboys player actually. Tom Brady didn’t look like the GOAT in his first game of the season. But he got the W and that’s really all that Tampa wants.

Dak Prescott to Undergo Surgery

On a pass that was blocked by Tampa Bay linebacker Shaquil Barrett, Dak Prescott jammed up his fingers pretty badly. This is what caused the injury. Now, it is clear that Prescott is going to likely miss more time from the field. He will have to go through surgery on his right thumb.

In the meantime, Cooper Rush will try to get something going for the Cowboys. The good news is that Rush is undefeated as the starting QB. He had to replace Prescott last season and had a career day with 24-40 in the air for 325 yards and two touchdowns along with an interception. He helped take the Vikings down 20-16.

Can he replicate that success while Dak Prescott is on the mend?