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WATCH: Danica Patrick Shows Off Crazy Yoga Poses in Bikini-Clad Video

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images)

Though she is known mostly known for driving skills, former NASCAR driver Danica Patrick has many other talents.

The 38-year-old racer recently took to social media to show off her mastery of a difficult yoga pose. In the brief video, posted to her Instagram account, she also shows off her incredibly fit physique, wearing only a leopard print bikini.

Judging by the social media video, Patrick has outstanding balance and strength — two traits needed to master difficult yoga moves. Starting the clip out on her feet, she performs a hand stand with perfect form and grace. The amazing aspect of the video is how long she is able to hold the position while moving her legs into different poses.

With well over 700,000 Instagram followers, Patrick’s hand stand brought her a lot of social media attention. Shortly after going live, the video attracted more than 245,000 “likes” along with a massive number of comments and reposts.

Danica Patrick Shares Meditation Message

Along with the video, Patrick shares with her followers the lessons and thoughts she has taken from meditation. She often treks to the great outdoors to be comforted by Mother Nature.

“I had a good message come through during my meditation this morning,” she writes in the post’s caption. “As I sat there, I began to hear all of the animals making noise…a dozen different songs. Believing that all animals are singing a pure and present song made me think that this frequency is why we feel so good in nature. It is our natural sound bowl session.”

Patrick then urges her fans and social media followers to be mindful of their words and actions and how they might affect nature.

“This applies to us by thinking about our “song,” which are our words,” she says. “What spelling are we casting? Check in with what you say, sing, hear and think. They all carry a frequency. Clean it up where you can.”