WATCH: Dashcam Shows Exactly What Happened to Chase Elliott During His Brutal Darlington Finish

by Jonathan Howard

As one of the most infamous tracks in NASCAR, Darlington Raceway gives no mercy. Chase Elliott fell victim to the wall in South Carolina. His No. 9 car was running well and chasing a top-10 or potentially top-5 finish. However, that would not be in his future. However, he wouldn’t be the only one to suffer at the hands of the Darlington wall.

Things seemed to be going well for Elliott throughout the day. He survived the first and second stages without issues. It seemed like he would survive the final stage with a good showing. Then, he got into a tight spot. The next thing he knew, he was in the wall.

Chase Elliott proved to be one of the top regular-season drivers in NASCAR. With a top-10 finish on the season, he positioned himself well coming into the postseason. While he didn’t suffer too much in the playoff standings, he wouldn’t be able to finish the final stage at Darlington.

As he came around the turn, Elliott got caught up with the No. 20, Christian Bell. They drifted into each other and Elliott took the brunt of the incident. He was in the wall before he knew what to do. After that, it was goodnight for the No. 9 car as Elliott drove it up to the garage.

Chase Elliott 10th in Playoffs Standings

The NASCAR Cup Series Playoffs have started and the first race of the Round of 16 is over. Chase Elliott finds himself in 10th in the playoffs standings. Now, that isn’t a bad spot to be considering the top-12 make it to the next round. However, with two races to go before the cut, he isn’t necessarily safe either.

While Elliott had his day hindered by the late wreck at Darlington, Michael McDowell suffered the most. He went out in stage one after a nasty collision with the wall. That put him out the rest of the day, he received -20 points for the performance. McDowell finds himself in 16th out of 16 as the next race approaches. This upcoming weekend, NASCAR heads to Richmond Raceway.

Chase Elliott can absolutely make the next round. He has driven consistently over the last month and a half. That has turned into real results. There is a reason he is in the playoffs, to begin with. That task won’t be easy though with the other drivers behind him looking to jump into the top-12. McDowell will have to race for his life as he started so far behind, but the points are there and up for grabs. Other drivers like Kyle Busch and Will Byron will also put on their best performances. The action continues this week and the week after as the playoff race gets going.