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WATCH: Denny Hamlin Slams Alex Bowman After Losing in Final Moments of NASCAR’s Xfinity 500

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Logan Riely/Getty Images)

Martinsville is not an easy venue to race. After 500 grueling laps, tensions were high between Denny Hamlin and Alex Bowman. Bowman claimed the checkered flag after battling on the track hard with Hamlin.

During the intense action on the track, with under 10 laps to go, Hamlin and Bowman were racing side by side. On each turn, it seemed the other would take the lead from whoever had it. It went well for a bit, but then as things do at Martinsville, contact occurred. Hamlin got spun out by the No.48 and ended up getting dropped far back into the field.

Apparently, Denny Hamlin doesn’t take kindly to that kind of action. While he qualified for the Championship 4, the No.11 driver says he, “just wanted to race.” Check out his comments below where he lets Bowman know exactly how he feels.

“He’s just a hack. Just an absolute hack,” Hamlin began his comments. “He gets his ass kicked by his teammates every week and just…you know he’s f***ing terrible. He’s just terrible and he sees one opportunity and he takes it. But obviously, he’s got the fastest car every week and he runs 10th. So, he didn’t want to race us there. You know we had a good clean race. I moved up as high as I could on the race track to give him all the room I could and he still can’t drive.”

Those are harsh words for his fellow NASCAR Cup Series driver. The race was tough and that track is known for contact. There were cautions all throughout the three stages. However, for Hamlin, this could have cost him a Championship 4 spot. Luckily for him, it didn’t.

Denny Hamlin Gets Spun Out by Alex Bowman in Martinsville

With all the turns on this track and the narrowness of it, accidents happen. Every driver that lined up today knew that going in. It is a tough pill to swallow when you have worked your way into the top of the field just to be spun out in the last 10 laps. Denny Hamlin raced hard with Bowman but was unable to keep the car going straight after contact.

When you are racing this hard and this fast at Martinsville, contact is sure to happen. Hamlin tried to get as high as he could and Bowman got as low as he could in the turn. Things just didn’t go Hamlin’s way it seems.

However, not all is lost. Next week is going to be the Championship race and there is going to be a lot of action. Denny Hamlin has managed to make it this far. Now, he has a chance to claim a championship. Hamlin, Kyle Larson, Chase Elliott, and Martin Truex Jr face off in Phoenix for all the marbles. It should be a good one.