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WATCH: Denver Broncos Defensive Lineman Goes Off on Russell Wilson

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images)

Things continue to be bad for the Denver Broncos and Russell Wilson with frustrations boiling over on both sides of the ball. During Sunday’s NFL game against the Carolina Panthers, the Broncos just looked flat. They had little offensive production, and Wilson was just barely above 50% passing on the day.

Rumblings about how the team views Russell Wilson in the locker room have led to a lot of speculation. This incident will not make that speculation stop. In fact, Mike Purcell made sure that this is going to remain a topic for the rest of the season.

Purcell was clearly frustrated with something that Wilson had said, or perhaps his level of play. It led to this spat between the two where the 306 lb defensive linemen let DangeRuss know how he felt.

This Broncos team is falling apart. They are 3-8 on the season and just put up a measly 10 points against the Panthers. It is really inexcusable. If this offense was able to just muster 20 points per game, they would be one of the best teams in the league. However, it remains stagnant, and it appears to all start with Russell Wilson.

There are players on this roster that can make plays on the offense. So, what is going on here? This goes beyond the talent on the field and is clearly an internal chemistry issue. Losing back-to-back games to the Raiders and then the Panthers will hurt a team. The 23-10 game today marked the third loss in a row. It feels like forever since that win over the Jaguars for Denver fans.

Russell Wilson, Broncos Offense Looked Worse

The news that Denver was releasing Melvin Gordon III was a bit shocking. This team was bad offensively and just waived their second-leading rusher, and sometimes their top guy on the ground. Gordon isn’t what he was in his prime. Still, the move made little sense and makes even less sense after seeing the abysmal run game today.

Against the Panthers, Russell Wilson was tied for the second-most carries on the team and the third-most yards rushing. Latavius Murray had 13 carries for 92 yards. However, four other players had at least one rushing attempt each and only put up 29 yards total.

No Gordon, no ground game. Not to mention the fact that Wilson couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn on Sunday and it is a recipe for disaster. Is this nightmare ever going to end for the Broncos?