WATCH: DK Metcalf Has Meltdown on Sidelines, Throws Helmet

by Matthew Wilson

Seattle Seahawks wide receiver DK Metcalf was not happy on the sidelines. The 23-year-old athlete had a meltdown and took out his frustrations on his poor helmet.

In a fit of aggravation, Metcalf threw his helmet to the ground. While the camera didn’t pick up audio, we can infer what he had to say wasn’t church friendly. The wide receiver was angry after defender Darius Williams picked-off a pass meant for him. Quarterback Russell Wilson threw the interception on a third-down conversion during the second quarter.

The Seahawks played the Los Angeles Rams on Jan. 9 in a wildcard match. Perhaps, Metcalf had a right to be frustrated. The Rams had previously beat the Seahawks during a repeat showing. Despite Metcalf and the Seahawks best efforts, the Rams also took the wild card game, 30 to 20.

DK Metcalf Wants to Break Records

DK Metcalf doesn’t want to just be an NFL wide receiver. He wants to be the greatest NFL wide receiver. Watch out Hall of Famers because the athlete made his intentions known. He’s coming for your records. Metcalf had two records in mind that he would like to surpass.

Earlier this season, Metcalf said he’d like to pass the record for most single-season receiving yards for the Seattle Seahawks. The record was held by Steve Largent at 1,287. Largent set the record in 1985. In his sophomore effort with the Seahawks, Metcalf accomplished just that. He now holds the record for the team.

Metcalf also has his eyes on Calvin “Megatron” Johnson’s NFL record. Johnson set the receiving yards record in 2012 with 1,964 yards that season. Metcalf may not be Optimus Prime, but he’s coming for Johnson and his record. He’s still early in his NFL career with plenty of time to move up.

Provided that he continues putting up numbers like he did this season, Metcalf has a bright future in the NFL and may just have a chance at breaking all those records he’s chasing.