WATCH: Dodgers Broadcaster Rides Brewers Stadium Slide, Ends Up with Arm In Cast

by Chris Haney

On Wednesday night, a Los Angeles Dodgers broadcaster got his wish to ride down the Milwaukee Brewers’ slide. However, things didn’t go according to plan as the reporter ended up with his arm in a cast.

During the Dodgers visit to Milwaukee for a four-game series, L.A.’s on-field reporter David Vassegh finally got his opportunity to go down the slide. Evidently, Vassegh had been eyeing American Family Field’s famous home run slide since they arrived in Wisconsin. Every time a Brewers player hits a home run, Milwaukee’s mascot, Bernie Brewer, takes a trip down the twisting slide behind the left field wall.

While no one hit a dinger at the time, Vassegh went on special assignment to give a behind-the-scenes look at Bernie’s slide. Let’s just say Vassegh didn’t exactly stick the landing. Announcers Joe Davis and Nomar Garciaparra couldn’t contain their laughter as they aired the incident during the 5th inning.

“Vassegh’s been talking for three days about going down this slide here in Milwaukee,” Davis said on the broadcast. “I’ve never heard someone so excited about doing anything. David did do it today…watch.”

The camera cuts to footage of Vassegh flying down the Brewers’ slide screaming “Holy crap!” repeatedly. As he gets to the bottom of the slide, he runs into a padded wall. While it doesn’t look too bad at first, Vassegh tries to stop himself with his right arm, which slams into the wall behind him. What started out as a fun ride down the slide quickly turned to Vassegh needing medical attention as he rolled around on the ground in pain.

Brewers Stadium Slide: 1, Dodgers Reporter: 0

As the Dodgers-Brewers broadcast continued, announcers Joe Davis and Nomar Garciaparra couldn’t stop laughing. Thankfully, they reported that the reporter was okay as they addressed a smiling David Vassegh with his right arm in a cast.

“Hi, guys! Hey, I do my own stunts Tom Cruise-style,” Vassegh hilariously said while holding up his arm in a cast. “I tried to play it up Shaqtin’ a Fool-style… and you’re looking at the fool.”

Vassegh was a good sport about the debacle that was his trip down the Milwaukee Brewers’ slide. If anything, it made for an amusing segment in the middle of a slow 0-0 game in the top of the 5th inning. We’re glad Vassegh isn’t hurt any worse than injuring his arm. It’s likely safe to assume Vassegh won’t take any further trips down the slide this afternoon as the Dodgers face off against the Brewers to bring their four-game series to a close.

The L.A. Dodgers currently hold the best record in baseball with a ridiculous 81 wins and only 35 losses. They’re already up a whopping 17 games in the NL West above the second-place San Diego Padres. As for the Milwaukee Brewers, they’re still in the hunt to win the NL Central with a 62-54 record. Milwaukee currently sit three games back of the division-leading St. Louis Cardinals.