WATCH: Dodgers Game Security Guard Lands a Brutal Suplex on Field-Rushing Protestor

by Leanne Stahulak

The L.A. Dodgers’ security team is putting the work in this season. Twice now they’ve had to chase down fans rushing the field at Dodger Stadium.

In Wednesday’s game, security personnel chased down three protestors who rushed the field holding signs. According to Yahoo! Sports, the three signs read, “Bishop,” “La Loma,” and “Palo Verde.” They reference the three Mexican-American communities that used to comprise the area where the Dodger Stadium now stands.

Several Dodgers fans took videos of the altercation on the field from different angles. In this video from Twitter user Aldus Snow, you can see one security team member brutally take out one protestor with a suplex wrestling move. Check it out around the 4-second mark. Shortly after that, another security member full-on tackles the second protestor.

In another video from a Twitter user named Gab, we see the third protestor get taken down in the left outfield.

All of this took place earlier, at yesterday’s game. But a month ago, another fan rushed the field at Dodger Stadium. And that time, one heroic Dodgers ball girl stepped in to save the day.

L.A. Dodgers Ball Girl Takes Down Fan Who Rushes the Field

Her name is Marissa Rohan. She’s 24 years old, a senior at Cal State Northridge, and she absolutely annihilated a fan in this viral video.

In the clip below, you can see the fan booking it across the field. At least four security team members tail him closely, with another three or four behind them. But the fan is no match for Rohan, who plants her feet near the field barrier to ready herself for contact.

Ouch! It’s gotta hurt hitting the ground like that after being flipped. Here’s another angle of the takedown, where you can see Rohan grab his leg and flip him over the barrier one-handed.

As a former gymnast, it’s no surprise that she’s got the strength to stop him. But she’s never had to use that strength until now, even after working for the Dodgers for two years.

After the game, Rohan later posted on her Instagram story, “Yeah I am not going to stop talking about this lol.” She even had an official shirt made that says, “Don’t mess with the ball girl.” You can buy it online, as a t-shirt or hoodie.

After watching the video online, several fans took to Twitter to praise her actions. One fan said she picked “the wrong sport,” displaying basketball tendencies with the way she moved.

“Look at that shuffling, cutting off his angle!!” Twitter user Brad Coleman wrote.

Another fan named Todd Schuster joked that “The Rams and Chargers are on the phone right now.”