WATCH: Dog ‘Celebrates’ Louisville Football Touchdown at Mercedes-Benz Dome and CFB Fans Can’t Get Enough

by Leanne Stahulak

The University of Louisville football team might have just found their number one fan. Only this fan has shaggy hair, a slobbery tongue, and long ears.

A Twitter account called No Context College Football shared the sweetest video of a Louisville fan’s dog at last night’s game. After Louisville scores a touchdown against Ole Miss, the dog jumps up on the railing and turns its head to follow the football. The cute pup0 looks to be smiling in the wholesome video, which already has over 1,000 likes. See it for yourself in the Tweet below.

Though the Louisville football team didn’t beat Ole Miss last night, we’d say this dog still considers them winners. And college football fans everywhere ate up the cute content. Including fans from the opposing team.

“I’m an Ole Miss fan but I love this doggo,” one Twitter user replied on No Context College Football’s tweet.

College football fan Brett G said, “If you were a normal person who wasn’t watching a 43-17 college football game on a Monday you missed out on some premium dog content in the 4th quarter. This clip was only the start of it.”

One fan even wanted to know the dog’s back story, to get them trending even more online. “The love for this dog has not yet reached the Makenzie Milton love last night. We need the back story,” Mister J wrote. “Rescued from the pound at the last minute? Almost killed to make a jacket for Cruella? Rescued Timmy from the well? Failed service dog training & had to go to night school?”

And fan Sam Planto tagged a hugely popular account called WeRateDogs, inviting them to “rate” this Louisville football dog’s enthusiasm. “Touchdown celebration gets a 13/10. @dog_rates.”

Ole Miss Dominates Louisville Football Team in Monday’s Match-Up

Last night, the Ole Miss Rebels and Louisville Cardinals battled it out at the Mercedes-Benz Dome in Atlanta, Georgia. The Rebels delivered a decisive victory to the Louisville football team, crushing them 43-24.

According to CBS Sports, Ole Miss held Louisville scoreless for the entire first half, while still putting 26 points on the board for themselves. The outlet reported that the Rebels offensive remained consistently strong from last year, but their defense amped it up this year to hold the Cardinals off. Louisville finally broke through in the second half to put 24 points on the board, but it wasn’t enough to come back from their lackluster first-half efforts.

Granted, it sounds like the Cardinals are rebuilding their lines after several key players graduated last year. But Ole Miss had to do the same, and they still managed to shape up well both offensively and defensively. In CBS Sports’ words, “The Rebels were just flat-out more physical than the Cardinals.”

We’ll see how the Cardinals do in their next match-up against Eastern Kentucky this Saturday.