WATCH: Dolphins HC Mike McDaniel Is Absolutely Done With Non-Football Questions

by Chris Haney
(Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images)

Miami Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel is fed up with questions about his two injured quarterbacks. So yesterday he had some lighthearted fun at reporters’ expenses when attempting to answer football-related questions only.

Two weeks ago, starting QB Tua Tagolaivoa took a brutal hit that led to a serious neck and head injury. He sustained a concussion and has been under NFL protocols ever since. The following week, backup QB Teddy Bridgewater also suffered a concussion on the first drive of the game. So there’s been plenty of questions and interest in the current quarterback situation in Miami. In fact, Mike McDaniel probably feels like he’s only spoken about injuries and recovery timetables over the last two weeks.

During Friday’s press conference with reporters, McDaniel addressed the media once again. But before anyone could ask a question, the Dolphins’ head coach had a “crazy” idea.

“What do you guys think? Wanna be crazy? Like it’s Friday, the game’s on Sunday. Now just hear me out on this. What if we talked about, for the first time all week (*drumrolls on the podium), the Minnesota Vikings? No?” Mike McDaniel hilariously asks reporters.

Right on cue after McDaniel’s amusing opening to the presser, a reporter immediately asks about the two QBs and if they’re still under the league’s concussion protocols. McDaniel continued his humorous back and forth with reporters as he looked around the room playfully annoyed at the question.

As of now, both quarterbacks are indeed still under the NFL’s concussion protocols. Neither Tagolaivoa or Bridgewater will suit up this weekend, but both are making progress. Recent reports have even stated that starter Tua Tagolaivoa could be back next weekend for Miami’s Week 7 matchup.

Mike McDaniel Shares Tua Tagovailoa Injury Update

On Thursday, NFL Insider Ian Rapoport shared that Tua Tagovailoa could make his return under center next Sunday against the Pittsburgh Steelers. If that’s the case, the QB would only miss two games following his scary head injury.

“Tua, not this week, but next week,” Rapoport said on The Pat McAfee Show. “I think there’s a realistic chance for next week. With the concussion protocol, it’s tough to judge, but he was on the field yesterday. That’s a very good sign. He’s doing well, he’s seen a lot of experts. So, no this week, but a pretty good chance at next week.”

Previous to Friday’s presser though, the last we heard from the team and head coach Mike McDaniel was on Wednesday. During his midweek presser, the coach spoke about Tua returning to practice for the first time since his injury. While he seemed pleased with his QB’s progress, he shared that he has no plans of playing Tua in Week 6.

“Now, when talking about this week and playing, I don’t see a scenario — I don’t see him being active. I do not plan to have him play at all,” Mike McDaniel admitted.

“He hasn’t done a thing on the football field for literally two weeks,” McDaniel added. “So, I don’t think that that would be fair to the player. That wouldn’t be fair to the team … I don’t feel comfortable putting him in that situation.”