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WATCH: Draymond Green Bafflingly Ejected After Talking to His Own Golden State Warriors Teammate

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Jane Tyska/Digital First Media/East Bay Times via Getty Images

Last night the Golden State Warriors went against the New York Knicks. The Golden State Warriors left short-handed with a 104-119 loss. Perhaps that had something to do with Warriors’ forward Draymond Green being ejected from the game.

During the second quarter of the game, Green was ejected for yelling at his teammate, James Wiseman. However, John Butler, the game official, actually thought Green was yelling at him. He then ejected him from the game, leading everyone on the court to look around confused, shrugging shoulders in disbelief at each other.

At halftime Warriors coach Steve Karr said that the game’s crew chief, Ben Taylor, admitted that the ejection was in fact a mistake.

Earlier in the game, Green was given his first technical foul of the night at the very beginning of the first quarter. He was fouled for arguing too long with officials. This initial argument was enough the make the crew a bit uneasy, leading to a future unwarranted ejection. He had spent a good portion of the night talking back at officials and making noise.

Officials Admit Mistake

“At halftime, Ben Taylor came out and told me that it was a mistake. That John Butler didn’t realize that Draymond was yelling at his teammate. He thought he was yelling at him,” Karr told ESPN after the game.

Despite hearing the explanation from both Green and his teammate Stephen Curry, the official was not going to let go of his call. The foul was said to be “profanity that was deemed to be directed at the official.”

“I’m just a bit confused, officials can meet and make a decision on any call throughout the game, but when it comes to a technical that was clearly the wrong call, due to an official assuming I was talking to him when in fact I wasn’t, that can’t be overturned? Maybe it’s time to take a look at that rule. I would love clarity on why that’s the rule, if in fact it is a rule,” Draymond Green said to ESPN.

While it could have been this foul that led the team to defeat, Karr thinks that the team’s defense is really to blame. The coach called the team “undisciplined” and said that they need to find a “way to defend without fouling.”

Green was yelling at Wiseman, who has since said he was in the wrong position during that play. Therefore, he understands why Green was shouting at them as they ran into defense.

Draymond Green Past Ejections

Part of the reason officials made this call so quickly is because Green has been known for talking back to officials. In fact, Green has been ejected 11 times during his career. He is right behind DeMarcus Cousins’ record of 13.

One of his most recent ejections happened on Feb. 27, 2020.

TNT analyst, Charles Barkley, took some glee in this ejection. He’s made it quite known he isn’t the biggest Warriors fan out there and has criticized Draymond Green extensively.

“Come on, he talks all that stuff. Now that he’s got to go out there and fight for himself, he just don’t want to play. Give me a break. Y’all better quit telling me who can tell who can play and who can’t play, I can tell who can play and who can’t play,” Barkley said, according to SFGate.

Both Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson were inactive from that game. Barkley is claiming that Green isn’t willing to play and work hard on his own. He needs those superstar players on the court with him.

The team will take on Utah Jazz tonight.