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WATCH: Dwayne Johnson Gets NFL Fans Fired Up for ‘Biggest Manning Cast’ Ever

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Steve Granitz/FilmMagic)

Live from his gym, of course, Dwayne Johnson made sure to get NFL fans excited ahead of his appearance on the Manning Cast.

The Rock is joining the Monday Night Football simulcast. The duo of Peyton and Eli Manning has been entertaining this entire season. When the show first came into being, no one knew what the expect. However, after the first show, it was clear what this was.

Two brothers, both experts in the same field, talking about the sport they love…and also cracking jokes about one another and their former peers. With both Mannings out of the league now, it is a treat to see them on TV. This week is going to be extra special and extra big because The Rock is set to join them during the broadcast.

Just to get fans hyped up before the game and before the simulcast show, Dwayne Johnson took to his Instagram page. He sent out a special video from his gym to tell fans to get ready. “2 MANNINGS. 1 ROCK. 3 FANNY PACKS.”

Look, The Rock is the biggest star in all of sports and entertainment. He has made such a name for himself from wrestling to acting and more. Dwayne Johnson just doesn’t stop doing things. So, it is going to be a great time to see him on the Manning Cast.

“Tonight,” The Rock said in the video. “Monday Night Football, it is going to be the biggest Manning Cast, ever. You’ve got me, The Rock. You got Peyton Manning, The Sheriff. You got Eli Manning…the…does Eli have a nickname? We’re gonna give him one tonight.”

Of course, Johnson also wished the players competing tonight good luck and to have a great game.

Dwayne Johnson, Football, and the Manning Cast

For those that think Dwayne Johnson is just a funny and charismatic dude with muscles, think again. The Rock is an athletic beast of a man and that athleticism has always been there. Before his professional wrestling days, Rock was a national champion on the Miami football team.

The whole college football thing was going great for Johnson. He was starting early on, got some playing time, but then was injured. The defensive lineman was hopeful that he would get back to playing and back out on the field. Johnson even had hopes of making the NFL one day. However… shortly after his injury, a freshman came to the team. That man was none other than Warren Sapp. One of the best defensive tackles to ever play the game.

So, Dwayne Johnson was benched. His football career stalled. And, he went on to become The Rock. Now, he can put some of that old skill and expertise to the test with some of the best to ever throw the ball in the NFL, the Manning brothers!