WATCH: Dwyane Wade and Son Zaire Have Head-to-Head Battle on Basketball Court

by Kayla Zadel

This father-son duo is getting some bonding time in on the basketball court. NBA star Dwyane Wade and his son Zaire are playing a little one-on-one, something that we’re sure these two are familiar with.

Bleacher Report shares the video on Twitter that shows Wade and Zaire playing hoops. Wade has pink hair and is dressed in all black. Zaire is shirtless with black shorts, and it looks like the two are wearing matching basketball shoes. Obviously, the pinnacle of father-son bonding.

“D-Wade and Zaire were really going at it,” the caption reads.

Wade still looks in great shape as he scores a few points on his son. However, Zaire is keeping up with his old man and gets a shot in, but by the end of the video, the two don’t look like loving family members. It looks more like tough love between father and son even though Zaire seems to be following in his dad’s footsteps.

The two exchange a few words after the pick up game and Zaire says he wants his dad to “play him all jumpers.”

D. Wade responds with, “I don’t play all jumpers. I never played that game of basketball. Go back and watch.”

Dwyane Wade Shares Reaction to Twitter Comment

The video of these two basketball players has been viewed more than 695-thousand times and has gotten over 21-thousand likes as of Monday, Dec. 28 morning.

ESPN TV host Bomanji Jones also caught wind of the head-to-head battle between Dwyane and Zaire and retweeted it with his thoughts.

“first class parenting right here,” tweets Jones.

D. Wade see the tweet and responds with a GIF of a character from the tv show “The Office” nodding his head.

Wade also seems to be trying the “if you’re going to be the best, you have to beat the best,” parenting technique.

It also looks like the two are at a Chris Johnson Hoops basketball camp. According to Chris Johnson’s website, he’s worked with more than 40 NBA players like Dwyane Wade. It’s only fitting that Wade brings his son to his camp now to learn the skills that he picked up during his time training with Johnson.

Furthermore, Zaire is 18-years-old. He plays point guard for an independent boarding school by the name of Brewster Academy in New Hampshire.