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WATCH: Eli Manning Roasts Peyton in Front of Nick Saban for Wearing Cowboy Hat at Ole Miss-LSU 2001

by Quentin Blount
Photo by Getty Images

There is not much better than hearing Eli Manning and Peyton Manning go back and forth at one another. And they did that once again on Monday Night Football.

The Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys met up on Monday Night Football for an NFC East matchup early in the season. The game figured to have some big playoff implications down the line. But during one point of the broadcast, the actual game on the field took a backseat to the Manning brothers who were speaking to Alabama football coach Nick Saban. For those who don’t know, Peyton and Eli Manning have their own alternate “Monday Night Football” broadcast.

So far through two weeks of the season, Monday Night Football with Peyton and Eli has been a huge hit. And after the shenanigans that went down during this week’s broadcast, the ratings are likely to jump again. One of the best moments from the night came when Eli called out his older brother for the size of his head. It’s a joke that he goes to often when he is looking to roast Peyton.

“I think there was one time we played down in LSU. I think you were a little distracted in that game,” Eli says to Nick Saban. “There was someone in the crowd with a giant head that was wearing a Cowboy hat. So, I think it was a little distracting to get that win down in Baton Rouge.”

Take a look at the hilarious clip down below:

NFL fans, meanwhile, have been loving watching the two Manning brothers on the alternate broadcast.

“They are taking jabs at each other more tonight. Lol love it,” one person wrote on Twitter.

“Why would anyone watch the other broadcast?” another fan posted. “This is the best thing ESPN has done in a while.”

Not everyone is sold, though. One fan, in particular, says that Eli Manning is not cut out for a broadcasting job.

“Boring. Terrible idea. Eli ain’t built for being interesting or insightful.”

Nick Saban Responds to Hilarious Comments from Eli Manning

Nick Saban is perhaps the best college football coach ever. His Alabama Crimson Tide are always seemingly in the National Championship and he produces NFL-caliber players year after year. Obviously, a lot of that credit goes to Saban.

It would seem that Saban still has a razor-sharp memory, too. He still remembers when Eli Manning was the quarterback at Ole Miss and he was the coach at LSU.

“Well, you know, you guys played very well,” Saban confesses. At about that same time, the photo of Peyton Manning in the crowd wearing a cowboy hat pops up on the screen.

“I recognize the hat and the guy in the hat,” Saban laughs.