WATCH: An Emotional Katie Ledecky Talks Inspirational ‘Toughness’ from Grandmas at 2020 Tokyo Olympics

by Quentin Blount

Katie Ledecky has made a name for herself at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics as one of the best swimmers in the entire world. But where exactly does her inspiration come from? According to her, it comes from her two grandmothers.

Ledecky joined up with Talkin’ Tokyo on Saturday to discuss what keeps her going and what she thinks about in the back of her mind during each race.

“I knew that my family was going to bring me a lot of joy if I thought of them,” Ledecky explained. “So, I was thinking about my grandparents a lot. I knew that with each stroke, if I was thinking of them, then I could tough it out no matter what.”

Now we know that Ledecky’s toughness comes from her grandmas. The Olympic swimmer went into detail about just how impactful they have been in her life. On the other hand, however, she also talked about how tough it has been not being able to spend as much time with them as she would like.

“Yeah, so, both of my grandmothers are still alive. One is in her high 80s and the other is in her mid-90s,” Ledecky replied. “So, they’re tough and they are incredible women. I can’t wait to see them when I get back to the states. I haven’t seen them in a while because of the pandemic and not being able to travel.”

But it has been those thoughts exactly that have kept Ledecky afloat in the meantime at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

“I was just thinking of how excited I would be to be able to show them a gold medal,” she said. “That’s what I was working toward.”

The official 2020 Tokyo Olympics Twitter account posted footage from the interview. Have a look down below:

“They’re TOUGH and they are INCREDIBLE women. @katieledecky can’t wait to get home and show her new gold medals off to both of her grandmas.”

2020 Tokyo Olympics Fans Consider Katie Ledecky a Role Model

There have been a lot of great Olympic swimmers over the last several years. There is no question about that. But perhaps none of them have been as humble and as inspirational as Katie Ledecky.

It seems like fans of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics on Twitter feel the same way. Many of them tweeted their thoughts on Ledecky and her grandmothers after her interview on Talkin’ Tokyo.

“What an amazing athlete and mentor,” one follower said. “Every time I get the opportunity to listen to her speak, I walk away in awe. Enjoy your family time during your two-week break, you’ve certainly earned it.”

“Pure Class. Even when an upstart beats her (Titmus) she’s excited for her!! She places the sport above, and that is incredibly rare. Textbook role mode,” another fan chimed in.

And finally, one person described Ledecky using the exact same words she used to describe her grandmas. And it definitely fits.

“One tough and incredible woman! Congratssss!!!”