WATCH: Enraged Bull Tramples Woman, Wreaks Havoc During Utah Rodeo’s ‘Bubble Ball’ Race

by Dustin Schutte

A few “brave” individuals at the Dinosaur Roundup Rodeo in Utah attempted to grab the bull by the horns and win $500. After seeing what unfolded during an event coined the “Bubble Ball Bull Race,” they’re lucky to escape the ring with their lives.

Sporting giant bubble balls as shields, 10 individuals attending the rodeo participated in the “fun” event. Things quickly turned ugly, though, when an angry bull was released into the ring.

The agitated bull impaled several of the bubble balls, bucked contestants into the air and trampled a woman during the race on Saturday. The scene turned frightening and even rodeo enthusiasts feared for those in the ring.

“Regular people – untrained, probably just randomly picked out from the crowd – were literally getting ripped up and thrown in the air,” one attendee said, per the New York Post.

Video captured some of the scary moments from Saturday:

Maybe getting into a ring with an enraged bull in glorified bubble wrap isn’t the best idea. Who would’ve thought? But this is an event that the Dinosaur Roundup Rodeo planned. For some unknown reason.

“Ten brave individuals will wear a large bubble ball in the arena, and line up at one end of the arena,” the rodeo’s website says. “Contestants will race towards the roping chutes while a bull is turned loose in the arena. The first contestant to race around the barrel in front of the roping chutes and return to the starting line will win $500!” 

A nearby hospital could not provide updates on the injuries sustained by the contestants, per the New York Post.

Four Men Get Bull-Dozed Playing ‘Cowboy Poker’

“Bubble Ball Bull Racing” isn’t the only crazy thing we’ve witnessed at a rodeo recently. Four (also “brave”) men attempted their hand at a game of Cowboy Poker at the Wild Thing Championship Bull Riding in Gallup, New Mexico.

The bull called their bluff, too. The results weren’t pretty, as all four men took pretty good hits from the beast. A video captured the event from New Mexico:

Cowboy Poker is a fairly easy game — for those not afraid of a bull rush. The goal is to stay seated longer than anyone else at the table. Once again, the winner takes home $500, and maybe a few scars.

Clearly, there’s an audience for this kind of daredevil type of fun. It just doesn’t seem like the safest way to earn $500. What do you think, Outsiders? Would you give either of these rodeo events a shot?