WATCH: ESPN Cameras Catch Florida State Football Fans Shooting the Bird at Referees

by Matthew Memrick

Live television sees all, and ESPN cameras caught a few Florida State football fans shooting “the bird” at referees Sunday night.

The sports website Awful Announcing and other Twitter users caught a couple of angry Seminole fans using obscene gestures.

College football fans, man. It happens, right? Call these fans passionate to be friendly or rowdy to be mean.

Or is it a matter of TV camera guys and broadcast booths too slow to change to another camera?

Notre Dame lead 17-14 before halftime at the Tallahassee, Fla. game. The school was also honoring its former coach, Bobby Bowden, on Sunday

Twitter Revels In Seeing The FSU Fans

“More like we will look at the middle finger and see if it’s extended out of a balled fist,” The sports website’s Twitter account posted.

Another jokingly managed to get Notre Dame into the college football conversation.

One comical fan couldn’t hold back his smarminess.

Which College Football Fans Get Ejected The Most?

Leave it up to the discretion of the college football stadium and college officials? Warn some and boot others? Nah. Many schools take a no-tolerance plan to handle fan behavior.

In 2016, 247sports reported on an Oregon NBC station’s investigation. In it, the news station broke down which schools had the most ejections during college football games.

The report stated that “some colleges provided detailed game day summaries, while other schools provided no records at all.”

So, the report came from the top schools out of the 66 that provided ejection numbers. Three of the schools in the Top 10 are Southeastern Conference schools.

That year, Florida State came in tenth on the list with 150 ejections out of a 460,801 attendance. The team went 10-3 that season. Its football stadium holds 79,560 fans.

The top college football ejecting school? South Carolina during a 6-7 season. The school had 496 ejections in Will Muschamp’s first season. 

To quote the article, fans who “attend a game at Williams-Brice Stadium” will “immediately notice stadium security in fluorescent garb everywhere you turn.”

The school’s security was “quick to act on rowdy supporters and altercations between opposing fans, perhaps the reason for the surprising numbers of ejections here.”

College Football Refs Rake In Cash

According to Comparably, the average college football referee makes between $11,000 and $314,406 for an average salary of $57,014. Referee website Silbo (Yeah, apparently there is a website for referees) said refs in some football conferences like the Southeastern Conference could make up to $3,000 a game. Cha-ching!

The website quoted Big 12 Conference commissioner Bob Bowlsby saying referees for his games are “well compensated.” On the other hand, the smaller Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (SIAC), a Division II conference, pays its officials $175 a game

So I guess they’ll be ok if you want to wave your finger or fingers at them. Just don’t come out of the stands.