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WATCH: ESPN College Basketball Anchors Share Extremely Uncomfortable Moment on Air

by Charles Craighill
(Photo by Laurens Lindhout/Soccrates/Getty Images)

Today, ESPN anchors Peter Burns and Tom Hart found themselves in an awkward conversation. The pair covered the Ole Miss matchup with Florida in NCAA Men’s Basketball for today’s game. In the middle of the game, Burns asked Hart about his dog… which they had to put down just days earlier. Needless to say, a brief moment of silence ensued.

“Now I kind of want to know a little more about Tom Hart’s dog, Larry,” Burns spit out during the ESPN halftime analysis. After a few seconds of thought, Tom Hart responded with grace and composure.

“Well, we had to put him down a few weeks ago Peter, thanks for asking,” Hart delivered. But as a professionally calm, cool, and collected announcer, Hart segued masterfully into another segment.

Between tweets about the NCAA Football National Championship between Alabama and Ohio State, Tom Hart mentioned his dog Larry on Twitter. Clearly, Peter Burns did his homework on his commentating partner leading up to the game. In a Tweet before the two paired up on ESPN, Tom Hart mentioned that he would show a portrait of his dog, Larry.

Unfortunately, Burns did not complete his homework. But like a true friend would, Tom Hart saved Peter Burns backside on a nationally televised ESPN game.

Nickelodeon the New ESPN?

While the College Football Playoff National Championship aired on ESPN, the NFL playoffs took a different route. Over the course of the regular season, the NFL made some odd choices in terms of where they aired their games. For instance, one game was only available for streaming on Amazon Prime. So many fans blew up Twitter due to the poor quality of the stream and the lack of avaliablity.

After this debacle, despite the immense amount of push back they got, the NFL decided to use Nickelodeon as a streaming service for the wild card game between the Chicago Bears and the New Orleans Saints. This game received a little more positive feedback, however, a hot mic might have exposed some children to an f-bomb. Perhaps ESPN would have been a safer move.