WATCH: Euro 2020 Streaker Jukes Out Several Security Guards In Long Run at Tournament Final

by Evan Reier

Is it really a major sporting event if there’s not someone running into play? A Euro 2020 streaker has your answer this Sunday.

And that answer is: no, not really! Since the return of fans to sporting events, we’ve seen all types of antics from fans. Whether folks are throwing food at NBA games or getting into fistfights at MLB games, it’s been seemingly constant in the past few months.

It isn’t any different for our friends overseas. As Euro 2020 wraps up on July 11, there’s been some wild moments, but there hasn’t been that one guy with the speed and lack of sense to run on the pitch so far. That is, until the final between England and Italy at Wembley Stadium.

But the folks over there and soccer fans around the world finally got a Euro 2020 streaker. Well, technically a second one, but this man’s sprint into the match is way more prominent. Watch for yourself.

As seen in the video above, the man hits the field at about the halfway line. Nearly immediately into the video, jhe puts the moves on one guard. He then runs past, jumps and pushes over another guard and somehow escapes being grappled. Well, at least initially.

Eventually, the Euro 2020 streaker decides he’s gotten his fill and allows the guards to apprehend him. English soccer fans were enjoying the display, as you can hear them say, “Ole!” each time he makes a man miss. When he is accosted, the fans boo.

All in all, your typical pitch invasion.

England, Italy Squaring Off Before Euro 2020 Streaker Interrupts

The Euros, technically known as the UEFA European Football Championship, are arguably as big a soccer tournament as you can find outside of the World Cup. Played every four years in the space between the World Cup, the tourney obviously includes the entirety of Europe.

After preliminary rounds, the field was trimmed to 24 teams in six groups. Beyond that, 16 teams entered the knockout stages. Italy and England battled through those rounds to now get to the final, which is where the Euro 2020 streaker comes in.

England and Italy have been on a tear to get to the final. Italy has not lost a match since September of 2018, which is insane, while England had only conceded one goal in the Euro 2020 tournament coming into the final match versus Italy.

While Italy has a European Championship to their name, it was won in 1968. England has never won the tournament, with their only major national tournament trophy coming at the World Cup in 1966.

For those that may be confused by the name “Euro 2020,” the tournament elected to keep the year in the name after it was cancelled last summer due to COVID-19. It keeps things somewhat uniform, as the next Euros will be played in 2024.