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WATCH: Fan Gets Beer Dumped on Him, Sucker Punched at White Sox Game

by Chris Haney
(Photo by Ken Murray/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

During last night’s Houston Astros versus Chicago White Sox playoff game, one Sox fan took a beer to his head and a sucker punch to his face as he exited the stands.

Many fans and MLB analysts picked the White Sox to win the American League and make it to the World Series. If the first two games of their playoff run is any indication, their championship dreams may not take them far. After last night’s game, Chicago now trails Houston two games to zero. They still have time to bounce back, but it’s been a rough start to their 2021 MLB playoffs.

Yet no one took a bigger L last night outside of Chicago’s team than one White Sox fan. There’s a certain etiquette when visiting opposing team’s stadiums no matter what the sport, especially during the playoffs. When stakes are at their highest, you should probably keep the trash talking to a minimum. It doesn’t mean you can’t still root for your team. But when you’re surrounded by thousands of home team fans in enemy territory, well, let’s just say you should probably watch yourself.

While that’s never an excuse for either team’s fans to get into a physical altercation, let’s be real for a second. It’s playoff baseball, and the beers are flowing throughout the stadium. Poor decisions are bound to happen, and boy were there a lot of them last night at Minute Maid Park in Houston.

One man in a black Chicago White Sox jersey decided to talk smack to an entire section of Astros fans. While most brushed it off or simply jeered back at him, things quickly took a turn for the worst.

Things Go From Bad to Worse For Chicago White Sox Fan

As the White Sox fan walked up the steps to exit into the stadium’s concourse, Houston fans gave him hell. Their team was on the way to a 9-4 clobbering of Chicago. Yet the Chicago fan just had to make a grand exit as he gave the entire home crowd the middle finger.

One Astros fan didn’t take kindly to the gesture and dumped his beer on the fan’s head. The visiting fan then shoved the Houston fan, but here’s the problem. You mess with one Houston fan, and they’ve got thousands more nearby that might have his back. Almost on cue, another Astros fan joins the mix with a brutal sucker punch that the Sox fan definitely didn’t see coming. How he didn’t get knocked out, we’ll never know. Maybe it was the liquid strength of too many beers.

In another angle, you can see the Astros fan connect twice with the Chicago fan’s face. Thankfully, some other good samaritan Houston fans got in between the men and seemed to escort the man to safety.

However, the next time we see the White Sox fan, he’s in handcuffs as Houston police detain him. What happened between the second and third video isn’t known. But what is known is that fan had the worst night ever.

First, his team got dominated. Then, he got a perfectly good beer dumped on his head before taking a pair of punches to the face. And finally, he’s the one that gets arrested even though he technically was the victim in this case. Someone get the guy some ibuprofen because he probably needed it this morning after sobering up in a Houston police station’s drunk tank.