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WATCH: Fan Runs Onto the Field During Chiefs-Bills Game, Gets Leveled

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images)

During the final minutes of the Kansas City Chiefs vs. Buffalo Bills intense game, a fan reportedly ran onto the field and was completely leveled by an NFL official… after he got lit up by Bills WR Stefon Diggs.

A Twitter user who witnessed the incident during the Chiefs-Bills broadcast quickly took to the social media platform with a quick replay. “Fan on the field.”

But it gets better…

The Chiefs-Bills game started off neck and neck through the first half. However, Kansas City began to pull away in the third quarter, and by the end of the fourth, there was a tie. The teams went into overtime and eventually, the Chiefs scored, ending the game 42-36. 

The Chiefs are heading to the AFC Championship where they will go against the Cincinnati Bengals. The game will take place at the Arrowhead Stadium next Sunday (January 30th).  The Bengals beat the Tennessee Titans on Saturday (January 22nd) 19-16. 

The winner of the AFC Championship will go up against the team that wins the NFC Championship. The teams playing in the NFC Championship are the Los Angeles Rams and the San Francisco 49ers. 

Kansas City Chiefs Quarterback Patrick Mahomes Reacts to the Win Against Buffalo Bills

Following the intense game, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes shared his reaction to the incredible win against the Buffalo Bills. While speaking about the finale touchdown, Mahomes stated, “Yeah it was a heck of a game. I mean, 17 Josh played his a— off. It was a great game [between] two great football teams. And at the end of the day, guys like Tyreek and Travis made the plays that won us the game.”

While describing what fans witnessed today during the game, the Chiefs quarterback declared, “We’re going to play this team a lot of times in games like this. With that quarterback, with that coaching staff, and the players they have, it’s going to be a lot of battles. I’m glad we got this one.”

In regards to the strategy against the Cincinnati Bengals, the Chiefs player added,  “We’re going to try to keep it rolling. We got a good team coming in next week. But we’ll get to be [at] Arrowhead at the ALC Championship.”

Earlier this month, the Cincinnati Bengals beat the Kansas City Chief in a 34-31 win. The Ohio team scored the AFC North title. Mahomes at the time told Bengals wild receiver, Ja’Marr Chase, “Keep going – we’ll see you in the playoffs.”

Cincinnati Bengals quarterback, Joe Burrow, previously spoke about the Chiefs quarterback. “I knew we’d go for it. They’ve got Patrick Mahomes on the other side. He could go down and win the game.”

In regards to the loss, Chefs safety Tyrann Mathieu shared at the time, “You just go back to work, you don’t point fingers. You don’t Balme coaches, you don’t blame a particular player or a particular series, you just go back to work. Keep bonding with your teammates. You keep that chemistry alive and you keep believing in the coaches as well.”